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SEPI’s fund for strategic companies restarts its engines 106 days after the last rescue reached Council of Ministers (Ávoris). Thus, Tubos Reunidos has revealed today during its general shareholders’ meeting that it already has the ok of the public holding company “considering that it meets all the eligibility requirements” and that its file is expected to be approved by the Fund’s managing council of Solvency for Strategic Companies in the coming days.

The steelmaker had submitted its application in January and will receive 112,800,000 euros as a participating loan. The company, which is listed on the continuous market, lost 101 million euros in 2020 due to the pandemic. In 2019, before Covid-19, it had a net loss of 41.5 million euros.

As reported by the executive president of Assembled Pipes, Francisco IrazustaOn Monday, the board of directors of the industrial company approved the documents agreed with SEPI in relation to the submitted application and “the corresponding certification of said approval certificate was sent to SEPI on June 29, in order for it to be sent to the management board of the fund, as the last formal requirement for the approval of the operation by said board ”.

In this way, the industrial company commits the amount of the rescue to the digitization of its operations, the reduction of the carbon footprint and training plans for people.


With the announcement of the ransom to Assembled Pipes They put an end to more than 100 days without news on the fund for strategic companies that the Government created a year ago as a measure to rebuild the economy. A break that, as this newspaper advanced, had as a trigger the granting of aid to the airline linked to Chavismo, More Ultra.

One extreme, which confirmed the own Minister of Finance, María Jesús Monteror, by admitting ten days ago the fear of some SEPI officials who refuse to sign files of requesting companies for fear that the cases will be prosecuted as happened in the case of the airline with cases opened in the courts and in the Court of counts.

In addition to Tubos Reunidos, about 50 companies are still waiting for the aid. Among them, the steel company Celsa (asks 700 million); Abengoa (249) the Assembled Pipes (115); the hotel companies Hotusa (200), Hesperia (55), Room Mate (52) and Soho (32). As well as other large tourism companies such as Wamos (75 million), the airline Air Nostrum (103) or the group of tourist transport Juliá (37).

So far, the Minister council has approved the bailouts Air Europa (475 million), Ancestral (320), Hard Felguera (120) and More Ultra (53).

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