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The 2021-2022 school year in the Valencian Community will start again in a health context of pandemic, so the security measures against the coronavirus will continue in force. The mask will continue to be mandatory, also in outdoor spaces such as patios; The ‘bubble’ groups persist, although specialist teachers will be able to enter classes, and full presence is guaranteed for all levels and stages of the educational system, “at least in the scenario of a new normality.”

This is included in the ‘Protocol of protection and prevention against the transmission and contagion of sars-cov-2 for educational centers of the Valencian Community’, which they already have schools and institutes.

The document, consulted by Europa Press, points out that, given the current evidence of aerosol transmission, the fact that the childhood vaccination is not yet authorized and in adolescents from 12 years of age, it is prioritized only for some groups, together with the presence of new variants, make it necessary to maintain measures against covid “adapting them to the possible scenarios that may occur in the pandemic context in the coming months.”

The protocol foresees one hundred percent presence “At least in the new normal scenario, alert level 1 and 2.” At alert level 3 and 4, in the exceptional case that the measures could not be complied with, it would be possible to pass to blended attendance only after the 3rd year of ESO.

The measures contemplated are similar to those applied during this course, such as that of stable coexistence groups, the so-called ‘bubble groups’. But the new scenario, together with the fact that the staff of the educational centers are vaccinated, will allow that, in addition to the tutors, both the specialist teachers and the inclusion support staff can intervene normally in these groups, maintaining the measures of personal prevention.

Distance It will be 1.5 meters in the bubble, Infant and Primary groups, and 1.2 in the institutes. Regarding the use of the mask, it will be mandatory from the first year of primary school with independence from maintaining interpersonal distance or belonging to a stable coexistence group, without prejudice to the exemptions provided for in the legal system.

“Even —the protocol affects– in controlled outdoor activities in which a distance of 1.5 meters is respected, in general, the use of the mask continues to be proposed, this decision subject, in turn, to the evolution of the situation “.

Priority will be given as far as possible use of outdoor spaces for carrying out educational and leisure activities, both within the educational center and in other spaces outside it.

Likewise, those activities in the educational center that entail the mix of students from different coexistence groups or classes in which the minimum interpersonal distance cannot be maintained, except in the new normal scenario in which interaction between groups of the same course will be allowed, especially in outdoor activities.

The recommendation to prioritize the communication with families by phone, email, messages or ordinary mail and the telematic procedures will be facilitated.

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