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The new Kia EV6 is built on Kia’s new E-GMP platform for electric vehicles. One of the great advantages of this architecture is that it operates at a voltage of 800 volts, instead of the usual 400 volts found in electric cars. This higher voltage determines the design of many electrical components in the car and offers a substantial advantage in one of the key aspects of an electric car, the recharging time, in addition to several others:

Loading speed: 800-volt technology enables ultra-fast charges in high-power chargers. With a 350 kW charger and 800 V high-speed charging, the battery can be charged from 10 to 80% in just 18 minutes. This is a significant improvement over a typical 400V charge, which can take 30 minutes to an hour to charge the same amount. Just 4.5 minutes of high-power charging can provide more than 100 kilometers of range.

Weight reduction: By increasing the voltage, it is possible to increase the power, without the need to use a wiring system and larger section connectors, which are more bulky and heavy.

Use of resources: A higher voltage means less current and that translates into less use of copper and other materials in the construction of the car.

Greater energy retention: The higher voltage allows a lower current to be used when charging the battery, reducing heat build-up and allowing better energy retention in the system. This translates into a better effective use of the energy coming out of the charger, reducing losses to the maximum.

Take advantage of the full potential of super chargers: Thanks to its 800-volt technology, the Kia EV6 can take advantage of the full charging potential of the 350 kW super chargers, the most powerful available today.

With multiple charging system: The EV6 features, in a world first, a high-speed multi-charging system. This system makes the EV6 compatible with both the 800 V ultra fast charge, as well as the more common 400 V fast charge, without the need for any special adapter or additional charger installed in the vehicle. When connected to an 800V charger, current goes directly to the battery at ultra fast speed. When connected to a 400 V charger, the EV6 uses the vehicle’s motor and inverter to convert the 400 V current from the charging station to 800 V, so that it can charge the battery at the maximum voltage.

With reduced prices: Kia’s relationship with Ionity, of which it is co-owned, offers EV6 customers access to reduced kWh prices at more than 400 high-power charging stations in 24 European countries, through the Kia Charge solution. Ionity’s network uses the leading European charging standard, Combined Charging System (CCS).

Travel carbon neutral: The Ionity network is supplied with 100% renewable energy, which means that EV6 drivers will be able to travel, in addition to zero local emissions, with completely neutral carbon emissions.

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