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Complete the sentence: “The short-sleeved shirt …”. We could stop writing because the mess is already set if you have people around you because few garments generate more debate and controversy than this. Some will say that there is no where to take it, the haters will accuse it of a unionist pledge -they live in a past time, you have to love them the same-, there will be those who are beginning to get the taste, although they are still ashamed to admit it and the most open-minded They will defend her tooth and nail as a masculine wardrobe symbol of summer.

As we do not want to meddle in a debate that can be given for all week breakfasts in the office, we are only going to try to shed light on the issue for those who no longer see with such bad eyes acquiring a short-sleeved shirt. What’s more, the same you already have it but it still has the label on because you do not finish daring.

If so, put on Scarface, Romeo+Juliet O Fight club, three mythical films, and you will see how Al Pacino, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt give you the last push respectively – what would be fashionable without the cinema! – It will also achieve the same effect that you start to see The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, a series starring Rachel Brosnahan where the male secondary players wear short-sleeved ‘bowling’ style shirts that, although they are not worn like that now because they are fitted and the trend is to bet on baggy things, you get a crazy desire to replicate their looks .

The short-sleeved shirt can be worn open with a white t-shirt underneath
The short-sleeved shirt can be worn open with a white t-shirt underneath – Instagram @albertortizrey

How to squeeze it in summer

Once you are convinced that the short-sleeved shirt came back three or four summers ago – hand in hand with the premiere of Call me by your name, another great film, by the way- to stay forever and that it is better to get used to the idea as soon as possible to start enjoying its aesthetic and practical virtues, you just have to learn to handle it with ease. It is not difficult, and less if you document yourself about it.

If instead of knocking the door down on short-sleeved shirts, you want to enter their world cautiously, knocking first at the door, like someone setting foot on unstable ground, the ideal is to bet on a plain linen shirt, discreet and timeless. You know that you are not going to fail whether you combine it with chinos or shorts, and they are elegant as well as comfortable. In addition, they work with all men’s summer footwear: sandals, plain canvas sneakers or loafers.

In 2021, they are worn wide: the cut of short-sleeved shirt that is worn today is similar to hawaiian shirt, straight and loose, although the original Hawaiian ones stand out for the sleeves if it fits more exaggeratedly wide, covering the elbow. But, as a reference, it helps us.

Printed shirts are the most complex to wear
Printed shirts are the most complex to wear – Instagram @desmonddandempsey

The neck is camp type collar, more open than normal, as if you left the first buttons undone, a detail that comes in handy to give you some advice: if you opt for this type of shirts, bet on wearing them semi-unbuttoned if they have cheerful and casual prints -not only floral because This summer there are also many fruits, animals or varied objects – and even completely open. In the latter case, with an undershirt: the white one is infallible, and better with suspenders, so you don’t get caught.

From minimalism to eccentricity

Talking about the palette of colors and patterns of short-sleeved shirts, it is as wide as the imagination: plain, floral prints, geometric prints, subtle drawings, striped (although less than last year), and so on. The variety of options in the catalogs of fashion firms is surely excessive because it is really difficult to restrict the search.

Plain shirts never fail
Plain shirts never fail – Instagram @paulbinam_

One of our favorites, if it helps, is the subtle print, with irregular and abstract lines, of 90s influence. They are short-sleeved shirts that respect loose and comfortable lines and that, being made of light fabrics, flow especially, which enhances the movement that their patterns already provide. They are also ideal both to wear inside with straight trousers, and outside with denim shorts, for example.

The necklaces, relaxed accessories such as bucket hats and, above all, some pretty leather sandals – not flip flops on the beach … – are three perfect accessories to add a plus to short-sleeved shirts, those that even those who continue to deny their they at this point in the movie will end up wearing this summer.

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