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The Ministry of Health It has established the minimum conditions that the premises that are destined for the inspection of game for self-consumption must meet and has made known which spaces will carry out this work. The authorization of said premises will correspond to the holder of the Provincial Delegation of the Ministry of Health where they are located.

This is stated in the resolution of the General Directorate of Public Health, which publishes this Wednesday the Official Gazette of Castilla-La Mancha, which indicates that in order to carry out the inspection of those pieces that are going to be used for self-consumption, the communication of the celebration of the hunt will be addressed to the provincial delegations of the Ministry of Health corresponding to the place where the itself, and with a minimum notice of 10 business days to the celebration of the activity.

Those persons with a veterinary degree who wish to act in the inspection of game for self-consumption must meet the requirements established by the regional Administration.

Within 15 business days from the celebration of the activity, they will send the documents for the transfer of game pieces and parts of hunting activities to the competent services of the provincial delegations of the Ministry of Health, reporting the number of pieces inspected by species , with origin and date limit; of the place where the inspection has been carried out and the findings of notifiable diseases and seizures practiced.

Acting veterinary graduates will identify the inspected pieces by means of a seal.

The carcasses of wild boars and other species susceptible to trichinosis will be subjected to systematic sampling as provided by the European Union Implementing Regulation, which establishes specific rules for official controls of the presence of Trichinella in meat, and its modifications.

The inspection of game for self-consumption will be carried out in premises authorized in this resolution or in authorized evisceration places.

Acting veterinary graduates will report the result of the inspection to the owner of the game by means of a certificate.

The person organizing the hunting activity must properly manage animal by-products not intended for human consumption according to their category.

Premises for the inspection of game for self-consumption will have surfaces made of smooth, impermeable material that are easy to clean and disinfect; adequate lighting; they must include portable equipment; adequate ventilation; water in sufficient quantity and quality and containers in sufficient number, closed and watertight and identified, sufficiently insulated, destined to the deposit of solid waste from the inspection.

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