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It’s summer and Despite the restrictions, it is the station where we move, travel and make plans outside of our usual place.. For those of us who have pets, especially if it is a feline companion, in addition to having to organize all the preparations for the trip, we must also think what do we do with it when we leave home for a few days. There are several options to take into account and opting for one or the other will depend on many aspects, but especially on the ‘catonality’ (personality) of our cat. Felines are very affected by changes, so the best option is to leave it at home with someone you trust that I can visit you on a regular basis.

If the cat is more sociable and adventurous, we can look for a hotel or residence for cats it is included, take him on a trip with us. For this last option you have to take into account a series of considerations. From Sanicat, a brand of cat litter, ABC offers a series of basic tips on what to do for those who own a cat during this time so that can leave with total peace of mind to enjoy a few days away from the routine of home.

There is no place like home

Cats are very susceptible to change, so taking them to an unfamiliar place is likely to make them anxious. This is because cats are sedentary and territorial animals, they feel safe in their home. «Change territory; as well as moving around, implies for them to suffer a lot of stress and, of course, they do not understand why they are being moved away from the place where they feel safe, “says Ignacio Duch, Sanicat R&D manager.

If the most important thing for a dog is to stay with his human companion, wherever he goes, cats need to be in their environment to be calm and comfortable. Therefore, the safest option for our cat when we go on vacation is stay at home, although with some nuance. Although many people believe that our felines, with a seemingly more independent personality, they can stay home alone without any problem … it’s a mistake! “Cats require daily attention from us.

With letting them kilos of food and liters of water is not enough, if we plan to be absent for a few days »confirms Ignacio Duch. In this case, the ideal is to find a trusted person who will see you daily, that he clean his litter tray, put fresh water on him, check that he has food, play with him a little or just keep him company, as long as he wants, since there are some who in the absence of their owner are scary.

It is important leave indications to the person who is going to take care of our cat about his character (a few days before he has to pay a visit and let the animal get acquainted with him), places where he usually hides; as well as leaving your health card at hand; as well as the contact details of your veterinarian. Also try to always be available by phone in case a problem occurs or a question arises. If we don’t have anyone to take care of it, there is always the possibility of hiring a specialized cat care babysitter. For very long absences, there are other types of options, such as take the cat to a friend or relative’s house. In this case, the animal will need an adaptation time and some simple guidelines to feel calm.

Hotels and residences

Cats are generally not very susceptible to changes, but there are some exceptions. Although they are a minority, there are also specimens that are very outgoing, sociable and seamlessly adapt to any environment. If your cute kitty fits into this category, taking her to a hotel or feline residence can have multiple benefits. Besides having a constant attention, interact with other cats, enjoy new environments and will keep you entertained.

The cat comes with us

There is the option let the cat share the holidays with us. Now, you have to take into account the destination and if the cat is going to accept it. Everything, as we have been saying It depends on the character of the cat and if it is used to traveling. As happens to people, we have to prepare their “luggage” with the most necessary (carrier, food, water, their sweets, their mat and a favorite toy). It’s advisable go to the vet days before departure to check that his health is in perfect condition and at the same time it can be used to consult on techniques that can help us to calm it during the trip.

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