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The vocation to serve. Son of the former Minister of Justice, Rafael Catalá, Ignacio wanted from the age of 16 to be a civil administrator of the State. He opposed in two and a half years, half that of the others, and when Casado won the PP congress he joined his youth project.

-Hey, Nacho, they say that because you are young you are poor, a victim and an idiot.

-It’s absolutely false. I am fortunate in a country of opportunity.

-They also say that you are the first generation to live worse than your parents.

-It’s also false. But, like them, we will have to work hard to achieve what they achieved.

-They leave you a worse world.

-The per capita income of Spain in 1980 was 6,208 dollars. Today’s per capita income in Spain is $ 29,600. We live in a much better Spain, but you have to earn the bonanza. It is not a gift.

-When did you find out you were weird?

-I discovered my vocation early, at 16 years old. He wanted to be a civil administrator of the State. Serve society.

-What is a civil administrator?

-We are the elite body of the Administration. We convert political programs into public policies.

-Even if you don’t agree?

-One of the great conquests of the rule of law is the neutrality of the Administration. Officials are or have to be the safeguard of efficiency and legality. I am very proud of my body. He has given many ministers and a father of the Constitution, Gabriel Cisneros.

-Total Martian among your friends.

-Yes, like all of us who opposed. He studied eleven hours a day, six days a week. The average entry in my discipline is four years.

-And you?

-Two years and a half.

-You were smarter.

-It was very constant. The oppositions are of record.

– “Nacho has this because he is his father’s son.” How many times have you heard this phrase?

-I have learned to carry being the son of Rafael Catalá, former Minister of Justice, like a pedestal and not a slab.


-I always have to show that I am much better than others so that there is no doubt that I deserve what I have.

-In fact you are better than the others.

-It’s good for me to have to try harder, so I also get more.

-Why do you step into politics?

-I discovered politics when Roberto Bermúdez de Castro signed me to apply 155 in Catalonia. And when Pablo Casado wins the party congress, I decide to leave my comfort zone as a civil servant.


-They put me on Ayuso’s lists.

-Who, the president or Casado?

-Married. With whom I have the most relationship is with him.


-No tension. I am passionate about the Madrid of gossip like everyone else, but in this case it is false. Ayuso’s success cannot be understood without Casado, in the same way that when Casado arrives at La Moncloa, his success cannot be understood without Ayuso.

-Deputy in the Assembly.

-There is something that obsesses me and it is visiting all the municipalities, speaking and attending to everyone.

-Victoria overwhelming.

-True, but it is essential that the citizens who gave it to us do not have the feeling that we are forgetting them.


– It is necessary to flee from the fictitious proposals of the left and to live attached to what the people want. Understand your problems and fix them.

-The canes of Ayuso.

-People said that Ayuso based his program on drinking beers and it is not true. The base, and that is why it swept, was and is employment. Confidence in Madrid, that if you let them work they are unstoppable. We get ahead when we trust each other’s work. Employment is essential.

-Madrid superstar.

-The post-pandemic Madrid is going to be the best city in the world, the most advanced, the most open. And in the one that will be eaten better.

-If Zapatero created the Alliance of Civilizations against the free world and Western lifestyle, Sánchez has created the alliance of grievances against Madrid.

– It is another error of the left, to think that the autonomous communities are flags and not a group of citizens. When Sánchez plays to face the Balearic Islands, Catalonia or Valencia with Madrid, he does not realize that he does not face flags without people and this is terrible.

-It is civil war.

-In a Spain of free and equal citizens it is anachronistic to collectivize them through the regions.

-ERC is the new CiU. The PP has to be able to agree with them as with Pujol.

-It touches this very closely. Junqueras already deceived us with the dialogue operation in 2017 and only the application of Article 155 dismantled the political independence movement.


-Casado will be president for his strong and majority project. People are pragmatic and join the winning proposals. The more successful and powerful your project is perceived, the more voters we will have.

-Yeah, but Vox.

-The big teams do not decide their lineup based on the rival. The PP has to make its proposals without looking in the rear-view mirror.

-The great coaches of the world worry about marking Messi, Benzema or Mbappé.

-Yes, Salvador, but with Vox we are not talking about a Barça-Chelsea but a Madrid-Elche.

-What happened to Ciudadanos?

-I was in La Moncloa when President Rajoy ruled in an absolute minority, and Citizens already thought more about hindering than contributing to the work of the Government.

-It’s his constant.

-Yes. Arrimadas, Rivera, and Aguado have always thought more about themselves than about serving the Spanish for whom they work. Or they worked, of course.

-Ciudadanos is the great defect of Spanish politics.

-Citizens is the worst defect of the human being: ambition without intelligence.

-They didn’t even have to be smart to have done well.

– It was enough to look at Germany: Merkel’s allies who have tried to torpedo her, have ended up irrelevant and only the loyal ones have remained. Citizens never understood that culture is important, and political culture too: you have to know how to look outside your town.

-Speaking of the town. Do you think a Thebes level League is possible in a Florentine world?

-As a one hundred percent convinced European, what I like is the NBA.


  • Jorge García, developer of the E-sports business: «Working is more important than playing»
  • Manuel Sierra, co-founder of Hemper: «Donating is not the most effective way to help»
  • Alberto Herrera, businessman and communicator: «I never thought I would do radio and less being Carlos’s son»
  • Enrique Riquelme, founder of Cox Energy: “When the market works, governments are not necessary”
  • Manuel Marina, co-founder of Idoven: «Training a doctor is expensive and you cannot be reading Holters»
  • Yaiza Canosa, founder of Goi: “The big question is how do we avoid fools?”
  • Javi Domingo, cartoonist: «You can’t be so naive. Without bad milk there is no art »
  • Àlex Agulló, businessman: «Luxury is personality and that is why it is such a minority»
  • Cristina Mayor-Ruiz, scientist and researcher: «We have great doctors but very little investment in Science»

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