Del Olmo: “As the PP is today in Valladolid, even if they offered me to be a candidate, I was not going to accept it!”




“As the Popular Party is in Valladolid today, even if they offered me to be a candidate, I was not going to accept it!”, Pilar del Olmo, the president of the Municipal Group ‘popular’ in the City Council, has expressed this resounding this Wednesday on the occasion of the crisis unleashed within said formation due to the lack of support that the councilor, according to has denounced in recent days, has been suffering from “relevant people” of the organization.

What in principle was going to be an appearance by Del Olmo to present the different motions that the PP plans to present in the plenary session next Tuesday, has finally become a scenario in which the appearing person, accompanied by members of her group, has publicly announced that, or things change a lot, in reference to “recognition, dialogue and attitude”, or she will not be a rival of the socialist Óscar Puente in the next municipal elections.

Del Olmo, who already on Monday in the media showed his discomfort against party charges for his lack of support and respect, has raised the tone of his reproaches, shared point by point with his group, to denounce his “displeasure” for the criticism that “relevant members of the party” have been making against his work from the first moment, when he began the preparation of the lists and then without even time to sit on the bench of the City Council.

«It has been said publicly that we did not know the reality of Valladolid, when all the members of the group are veterans. Only I was left, with what came to say that I was the one who did not know the reality, “lamented Del Olmo, who, as an example of the slights received in recent months, has referred to a Provincial Board of Directors held in Zaratán where the work of all was praised, “even the doorman who opened the door of the City Hall, except for this municipal group that has worked so hard.”

The president of the PP Group in the Valladolid City Council, who hShe recalled that in a scenario where the party reaped the worst electoral results in its history in the last general, regional and municipal elections, in which she obtained 5,000 more votes than other candidates, has complained above all of the forms by ensuring that all the criticism received has always been “from the back, never from the face, when things have to be spoken clearly, face to face.”

In addition, she recalled that it was not she who asked to be a candidate in the last elections but that she was called for it, she renounced many things to meet that request.

The councilor of the PP has had words of gratitude for the president and the regional secretary, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco and Francisco Vázquez, respectively, for the support and recognition received, in clear contrast with the attitude of the head of the “popular” Valladolid, Conrado Íscar, who claims to feel “disappointed.”

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