five fitness trends you should know

The key to success when we exercise, that is: to achieve adherence, feel motivated and to obtain good results is to find an activity that we like. Thus, for some this may mean running, for others swimming or for others going to Zumba class.

And of course, the more options we have, the better. Thus, it never hurts to be aware of the fitness trends, to explore activities and end up finding the one that best suits us, and we can enjoy. To do this, we speak with different professionals from Urban Club Center, who update us on the latest sports news.

One of the booming workouts is the ‘MetCon’. Francisco Colmot, CEO and coach of Fitpack Barcelona, ​​explains that this consists of a training style that usually combines strength exercises with cardiovascular training. These sessions are aimed at people who have already started doing other physical activities, and can endure a certain level of intensity. “It is perfect for those who are looking to start challenging themselves a little more,” says the coach. Eva Iribarren, director of F45, ensures that, although a priori you have to have a minimum basic resistance, this training is aimed at anyone who “wants to improve their physical condition, increase muscle mass and lose fat.”

HILIT to get started

On the other side of the scale, we find HILIT training, focused on the most beginners. This acronym for ‘High Intensity Low Impact’, is, then, a type of low impact training, ideal for beginners, pregnant women or people with an injury, since it is performed with light loads and a lower intensity of movements. “This type of training incorporates less jumping than HIIT, but adds exercises focused on increasing the heart rate such as lunges or planks. Swimming, Pilates or spinning, among other activities, are some of the disciplines considered HILIT », say the professionals at Urban Club Center.

A new trend is ‘mood-based workouts’. These are a way of approaching training sessions in which the physical objective is not taken into account and the emotional situation of the people is prioritized. Cristina Ruiz de Bustillo, from Holmes Place, explains that when we look at the activities in a gym, some are more extroverted, as they have music, a higher rhythm, less technique, and others are introverted, such as yoga or pillars. “Taking this difference into account, we can say that when a person is stressed, or with anxiety, their level of thought is usually higher; You can benefit from activities that help you change your focus towards the outside, the extroverts, ”explains the professional, who adds that on the contrary, introverted activities allow you to change your focus towards the inside while enjoying the activity but at the same time our own state of mind.

Go back to the roots to play sports

Finally, two brushstrokes on new trends. On the one hand the ‘Animal Moves’, which consists of performing exercises imitating the movements of animals. A fun way to train mobility, coordination, fitness and strength, and optimize flexibility. Also, we find the ‘Hormone Workouts’, whose idea is similar to the aforementioned ‘mood-based workouts’. The idea is to take into account the hormonal moment in which we find ourselves when we exercise, in order to adapt the activity to the situation. For example, practicing yoga and meditation can help calm the hormone that causes stress.

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