Footballers ON denounces the inaction of AFE that prevents the renewal of the Collective Agreement for women’s football



The Union Footballers ON criticized this Wednesday that the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) be “idly” so that the Women’s Football Collective Agreement it can be renewed automatically at the end of this next season, and he warned that he will not “shake his pulse” to promote any type of action among female soccer players so that their rights are recognized.

In a statement, Futbolistas ON recalls that the AFE “denounced the Women’s Football Collective Agreement to avoid its automatic renewal, after which it has stood idly by without making any formalities or contact to start the negotiation of a new one ». «This inactivity has serious consequences for female footballers, since in the current signed Agreement it is foreseen that, after its denunciation, it will only remain in force until the end of the 2021-2022 season, “he added.

For the union chaired by Juanjo Martínez, this AFE complaint means that the document “is not automatically extended, which puts its continuity at risk and would be irreparable damage to soccer players.” «AFE has started the clock for the end of the term of the agreement. He has not shown any plan or willingness to negotiate. Footballers ON considers that one should not commit the recklessness and haste to denounce a collective agreement without intending to negotiate. AFE has committed great irresponsibility“, She complained.

Footballers ON assured that he will fight “Through the union and legal channels” so that all these rights conquered by the footballers and that “it cost so much” to be signed are “respected, as well as to prevent the teammates who join the competition from being left helpless at the end of this season.” «For all this, we extend our hand and call the rest of the actors to the responsibility to find a solution, Well, as we have already stated on previous occasions, female soccer players are the main victims of this permanent state of confrontation that Spanish football is experiencing, ”continues the union.

In this sense, he made it clear that “if this situation is not unblocked, there will be great economic damage for the players” and that “his pulse will not tremble to promote the mobilizations that are necessary to vindicate” their rights among female players.

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