Kim Jong Un rejects US dialogue proposals and announces the reestablishment of communication with Seoul

The communication channels will be reopened “in early October” in an “effort” by North Korea to improve relations.

Kim Yo Jong, sister of the North Korean leader, elected as a member of the State Affairs Commission


The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, on Wednesday rejected the United States’ dialogue proposals, considering that they are “a facade” to “cover up his hostilities” towards Pyongyang, and has announced the reestablishment of lines of communication with South Korea for “early October”.

In a speech to the Supreme People’s Congress, Kim has lashed out at Washington’s “military threat” and “hostile policy” against North Korea, which, in his view, has not changed “at all,” as has been “demonstrated. clearly “since the beginning of the new Administration, that of President Joe Biden, reports the official North Korean agency KCNA.

“The form and method of their expression are becoming more cunning,” criticized the North Korean leader, who has disfigured the “terrible military activities” carried out by the United States and South Korea, which “destroy stability and balance. around the peninsula “.

For this reason, it has shown its refusal before the repeated proposals for dialogue issued by Washington, which has advocated a conversation “without prior conditions”, an offer that Kim has described as a “facade” to “deceive the international community and cover up its hostilities “.

“It is just an extension of the hostile policy followed by US administrations in the past,” he reiterated, to assert that “the most fundamental danger” today “is the power and arbitrariness of the United States and its followers.”

In this sense, it has censured that Seoul participates in the military exercises together with Washington, for which it has requested that “before declaring the end of the war (of Korea)”, an issue claimed by South Korea, be guaranteed “the mutual respect “between both parties.

“The South Korean authorities should change their usual confrontational attitude towards the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), defend the position of national independence through actions rather than words, and treat inter-Korean relations with an attitude of solving fundamental problems first. “, has requested.

Kim thus recalled that “once again” it depends on the “attitude” of the South Korean authorities if inter-Korean relations “are reestablished and develop into a new stage, or if the current state of deterioration continues.”

For this reason, he has asked his neighboring country to “get out of the deception that it should contain the provocations of North Korea” and has assured that “it has no intention of causing or inflicting damage.”

As part of an “effort to realize the expectations and aspirations” that the “tense” inter-Korean relations “will be restored as soon as possible and there will be a solid peace,” the North Korean leader has announced that the North-South communication lines, interrupted in August, they will be restored “from the beginning of October”.

Both countries reopened official communication channels in July after a long silence lasting thirteen months. However, North Korea did not respond in August to South Korea’s attempts to establish regular contact in protest at joint maneuvers between Seoul and Washington that same month.

This speech by Kim has occurred on the same day that Pyongyang has confirmed to have tested a newly developed hypersonic missile, a demonstration that was detected by the Japanese and South Korean authorities and that is being analyzed by them and the United States. In addition, North Korea has recently tested a new rail missile system.

In this regard, the North Korean leader explained this Wednesday that in the defense sector, the country is “promoting the development of a new and powerful weapons system” that can handle “the unstable military situation on the Korean peninsula” and ” completely suppress the military movements of hostile forces. “

On the other hand, the North Korean Supreme People’s Assembly has elected on Wednesday the sister of the North Korean leader and considered a possible successor to power, Kim Yo Jong, as one of the members of the State Affairs Commission, the country’s main government body .

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