“Madrid’s financial management has been brilliant and exemplary”




19 months after the outbreak of the pandemic, the compliments of Thebes to Florentino, something not very common considering the confrontation between the two leaders, begin to be reflected in the numbers that LaLiga manages: «Real Madrid have made a commendable effort and excellent management at an economic level, the one that has done the best of the big clubs in Europe ”, explains the boss of the Employers’ Association. And rightly so.

The League has made public this Wednesday the cost limits of the sports staff of the First and Second clubs, The subject includes spending on players, first coach, assistant coach and physical trainer of the first team, in addition to spending on affiliates, youth academy and other sections. The numbers presented leave Real Madrid as the absolute financial winner during the pandemic. His salary limit has gone from 473 to 739 million euros, an increase of 276 million euros: «I cannot say anything other than the same as Javier. His financial management has been brilliant and exemplary, ”said José Guerra.

Director La Liga Corporate General He explained to ABC in detail the reason for these magnificent Real Madrid accounts: «If we add up the results obtained in the 19-20 and 20-21 seasons, I think I remember that the account was of a profit of just over one million euros . In other words, Real Madrid had managed to balance all its expenses with respect to its income during these two seasons so as not to have losses, and there is no hidden secret. The secret is, rather, openly. Loans and sales of players, salary reductions and a clear focus on fixing the situation in the short term in order to have strength in the medium and long term. They have linked that this season with what they had done in previous years, and I am not just referring to the 19-20 season, but also the 18-19 and earlier. Madrid had increased their own funds in an important and significant way, never exhausting their limit on the cost of sports staff, which has given them the possibility of being a club with acceptable ratios, but not only with acceptable ratios but exceeds with much acceptable ratios, to increase considerably this salary limit.

It is now when the intent of the Real Madrid to sign Mbappé this summer, surplus as it goes of money in box and in salary limit. Florentino’s economic ‘miracle’ during the pandemic has made it possible for him to now face large operations. It is true that in the past year it stopped entering 300 million euros but it also achieved a reduction in expenses of 295 ‘kilos’, thanks to the reduction in salary of the workforce (22 million), the decrease in operating expenses (38 million) and the sales and transfers of players (175 million). Some amounts, which added to the salary cut for fiscal year 19-20 (60 million) have made Real Madrid now a healthy club that can look at the pandemic and the financial problems it has generated from afar. Joining Mbappé and Haaland next summer is a dream more than possible.

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