More Madrid comes out in defense of the Pope to make Ayuso’s criticism ugly




The spokeswoman for More Madrid in the Assembly, Monica Garcia, has disfigured this Wednesday the president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, his criticism of the Pope Francisco for the request for forgiveness to Mexico for the sins of the Catholic Church and has stressed that the head of the Madrid Executive is “the worst ambassador” in the region. In statements to the media after the meeting with the ONCE territorial delegate, Luis Natalio Royo, and the president of the Territorial Council, Mª Teresa Rodríguez, the spokesperson for Más Madrid has charged against “the last outburst of Ayuso”, which yesterday He described as “surprising” that the Pope apologizes to Mexico for the “sins” of the Church during the evangelization during the conquest of America.

During her visit to Washington, the Madrid president thus referred to the letter that Pope Francis has sent to the Mexican clergy in which he urges them to recognize the “personal and social sins” that the Church committed during this period. «I am surprised that a Catholic who speaks Spanish speaks in this way in turn of a legacy like ours, which was to bring Spanish precisely, and through the missions, Catholicism and, therefore, civilization and freedom to the continent American, ”he said.

After these statements, Mónica García has censured the “escalation of confrontation and permanent conflict” that the regional president shows and that she does not represent the rest of Madrid, “that they do not go around insulting the rest” and that they place her as “the worst ambassador that the Community of Madrid can have ». «We have already seen her in all this time insult the Prime Minister (Pedro Sanchez), put the King in a hole and what we did not imagine is that he was going to also put the Pope in the spotlight, ”he ironized. In this sense, he stressed that it is not “the best way” to represent Madrilenians “or to do what he has actually done” in the United States, which is to make the Community of Madrid “an attractive place to invest. ».

Along these lines, among the reasons that lead him to define the president as the “worst ambassador” that the region can have, he mentioned going to the United States “to try to continue selling the assets of Madrid to vulture funds” or to double the debt of private health. Thus, he has demanded that the president, who met with various investment funds during her visit to the United States, that instead of betting on those vulture funds, she seeks to attract “green funds, which is what everyone is demanding right now.”

In any case, he has defended that the Pope limited himself to apologizing for the “excesses” committed at that time, so his words should not be “refuted”, and he has recommended that the regional president read Francis’ 2020 encyclical , “Which has interesting things about women or unaccompanied immigrant minors.” “We do not think it is good that Ayuso is insulting not only when he is in the community to the rest of the communities but to the rest of the towns,” he added about the president’s statements in which he spoke of “indigenism” as the new communism. «The worst ambassador of the Community of Madrid is Mrs. Ayuso, who is doing a lot of damage to what is a wealth, an openness and a talent that we Madrid have that does not correspond to what the Community of Madrid sells out there. Madrid ”, has settled.

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