Only Daniel Luque warms the summer

Many and varied factors add up to make a bullfight, in this Plaza, something extraordinary. Above all, the setting: a monument beautifully preserved and restored by the Royal Cavalry Maestranza. During the fight, it makes no sense for a warning to sound when the bull is on the ground and they try to stab it: the warning should be attributed to the puntillero and not to the matador, on the token.
[Así vivimos la corrida en directo]. The quality of this band has no comparison with any that I have heard but they should prevent it from starting to play when the task is already finishing and the right-hander is going to take up the sword. The public cannot ask for the ear, as in other squares, with

‘wow’, a kind of rock bark. What would be acceptable in any other square can be a mortal sin here: the beauty of the rite must be taken care of as much as possible.

The new series of bullfights begins on the day of Saints Miguel (which gives the Fair its name), Gabriel and Rafael, to whom Federico García Lorca dedicated beautiful poems. We imagine what a dreamed poster of rafaeles would be: Lagartijo, El Gallo, Ortega, De Paula …

Let’s go back to reality, to the poster this afternoon. Ymbro font It is one of the largest herds and one of the most affected by the pandemic. Within the Domecq setting, it is usually a guarantee of caste and presentation. Those of this afternoon, very serious, give varied game. The calorín seems to infect bulls, bullfighters and the public. Antonio Ferrera and Miguel Ángel Perera have a rather gray afternoon. Only Daniel Luque is shown as an excellent fighter, who has brushed the trophy and had to turn the ring.

Antonio Ferrera had an acceptable performance – not outstanding – with the Victorinos. This afternoon, he is less fortunate. The first, very serious, is received with applause; on the crutch, he obeys, caste. Antonio takes some naturals out of him, in an acceptable mess of a good professional but people haven’t gotten into the job at all. The fourth lunges hard on the way out, puts his kidneys in the horse, they hit him hard. On the left, the bull falls short; on the right, Ferrera is not trusting either. It has not been comfortable and people notice it. He cuts early and takes it out of front. He has not had a good afternoon: perhaps, out of respect for the square, he has not dared to draw on resources? I do not know.

Cut off an ear Miguel Angel Perera in his previous performance. The equation is clear: to succeed, a powerful right-hander, like he is, needs strong bulls; if not, the disproportion can be shocking. The second is a nice dirty soap dish, unusual hair. I hear a joke: “If it was the last one, in the late afternoon, we wouldn’t see it.” It is lazy but noble. Ambel shines, with the sticks. When groping it under, it collapses; then falter several times. Perera hangs out with him but the emotion is impossible. He is a ‘Gardener’ who, like the dog of the saying, neither eats nor lets eat. The fifth, open of pythons, comes out fast, is distracted; It is not easy in flags: Curro Javier solves very well. (In a banderillero, efficiency comes first, before showiness). He takes some series out of a bull who protests and justifies himself, lackluster. Click three times, out of luck. And some still applaud that he hits the ponytail!

He stayed in ear request Daniel luque the previous afternoon but that did not obscure the merit of his fight, a clear example of his great current moment. The third, fled to pens, is greeted with excellent veronica, with ease and harmony. In a moment of disorder in the fight, he flips it over. It confirms how good capotero he is in great chicuelinas and good veronicas, although the bull is uncertain. Without hesitating for a moment, he immediately starts to fight, very firm: he holds stops, swallowing a lot, without fuss. An excellent task, in which only the auctions are left over looking at the laying, so ugly, that now everyone does. Prick into bone before decisively grabbing a lunge. The bull refuses to fall, in a beautiful picture, interrupted by the out-of-tune bugle of a warning. As it has been extended, the request is insufficient but people do not demand a return to the ring, as they should. Unfortunately, it is something increasingly rare: they go from shouting for the ear (they do not take out a handkerchief, which few have) to being silent. Very badly done. In the last, which falters, Contreras shines, in flags. Luque holds it well; with great sufficiency, he endures the uncertain onslaught, takes out everything he has, gently and with risk. On the second, grab a good lunge.

Only Daniel Luque has interrupted the summer slumber. And, if the bulls accompany you, you can knock at the Autumn Fair. As an excellent fighter, he has maintained the beauty of the rite, in this unique Plaza.

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