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Pedro Sánchez regretted the death of Antonio Gasset on Twitter. It had been confirmed by the Film Academy. This had given him the Alfonso Sánchez Communication Award in 2011. It is funny that a Communication award has the name of Alfonso Sánchez, this yes, the most legendary film critic on our television. In the documentary ‘The faces of the news’, Eduardo Sancho, who presented the newscast at nine o’clock at night when they began on the Paseo de la Habana, said with the tone of an old announcer (but not engolado): «Now anyone enters. It really disgusts me, as a spectator and as a professional, listening to voices in general. Some should be excluded from the profession. I guess i know

he was referring to the news. To be a legendary film critic, you can have a voice not approved by the Comédie-Française. Alfonso Sánchez’s was special and so was Antonio Gasset, who was forced to retire in 2007.

Gasset is well regarded. It’s cool. What is worth claiming and remembering. The guy you’re glad to find yourself as an actor when you put on ‘Rapture’ or ‘Gary Cooper in heaven.’ ‘Film days’ began by presenting it Aitana Sánchez Gijón while he directed it. And then he introduced him saying what he wanted, even if he was scolded. Once, after giving way to publicity, he suggested what could be done while: “Calling a friend’s wife to ask for sex”. When it was put on at dawn: “I am aware that at the time of airing my program can only be seen by a handful of insomniac drug addicts.”

Sánchez did not mourn the death of Pantoja’s mother, that I know of (not while writing this). In ‘Sálvame’, and by a call to Kiko Hernández, Kiko Rivera announced her departure to Cantora to hug her mother (“Be that as it may, her mother has died”). In the program they gave an account of alleged discussions in Cantora between Agustín and Isabel about whether Kiko entered or not. As long as the third season of ‘Succession’ does not arrive, that is what we have. Antonio Gasset that you are in heaven.

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