That of Isabel Pantoja and other famous mothers who have marked her artistic career

  • miss Ana

    This morning Ana Martín, mother of Isabel Pantoja, died after a multi-organ failure at the age of 90. The nonagenarian had been admitted to the Puerto Real hospital for several days with a reserved prognosis and last Saturday, the doctors decided to discharge her after having experienced some improvement.

    As Pilar Vidal tells in this newspaper, that of the matriarch of the Pantoja clan has not been a typical relationship, her attitude during all these years has been parodied and the expression “you are like the mother of Pantoja” has even been coined. , to refer to those mothers who live close to their children. She has never cared and has stayed there until her health allowed. Calé, she married her husband Juan Pantoja, alias “Chiquetete,” in November 52, a flamenco singer who was very successful in his time. She also wanted to try her luck at the artisteo, but her time in Juanita Reina’s group as a bailaora lasted a sigh, for that reason it did not leave her any glory. From dancer to wife and from wife to mother. From that artistic frustration, they say, came that strength and determination to make her daughter triumph and become a star at all costs.

    He has never given an interview, so we will never know what is true or what is legend in that he was the one who chose even the husband of his daughter. They say in the biography “La Pantoja”, written by Sol Alonso, that on one occasion he had a rehearsal with an orchestra stopped because a thread hung from Isabel’s gown and that until she took it off with her own hands she could not continue the test.

    Doña Ana accompanied Isabel to all the encounters with her romances as a carbine. Sometimes she was the press officer, especially when Paquirri’s divorce was a national scandal.

    He has gone to the other world without knowing that his daughter has been in prison. When he entered, they told him that he had gone on a tour of America.

  • Marisa vicario

    Marisa Vicario and her daughter Arantxa Sánchez Vicario are their times of sporting glories
    Marisa Vicario and her daughter Arantxa Sánchez Vicario are their times of sporting glory – Reuters

    Arantxa Sánchez Vicario was silent for a long time, but in 2012 she decided to break her silence and tell her story in a memoir. In his words, he stated that tennis had been his life, but also that his relationship with his family was broken and all due to financial problems. In her book, the former tennis player lashed out at her parents, accusing them of squandering her fortune and not treating her the same as her siblings.

    After 17 years on the slopes, with racket in hand and away from all social life, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario retired “to win his freedom.” According to the protagonist in «Arantxa ¡Vamos! Memories of a struggle, a life and a woman ”, her parents had power over her throughout her career. “My mother decided about my hair, my clothes … When she bought me something on my own, she rarely liked it,” said the former tennis player about Maria Vicario.

    After the withdrawal came surprise and with it disappointment. And is that according to Arantxa estimated in the 17 years of career “won 45 million euros.” A figure he never enjoyed. “They have left me with nothing, I am indebted to the Treasury and my properties are much lower than those of my brother Javier, for example, who throughout his life has earned much less than me,” he said then.

    As if all the economic problems were few, her marriage to Pep Santacana was not something that was liked either. In fact, “the family was strongly opposed to the link.”

    Given this, Marisa Vicario did not remain silent and sent a statement in response to the extract in which she was mentioned. «Nothing can hurt parents more than their child accuses them of all their ills. The pain we feel is inexplicable, the knot in our stomach that lives with us. She assured that both she and her husband “lived 20 years for and for her. We put everything aside and mortgaged our life and our marriage. I personally accompanied her from a very young age to all tournaments, in fact abandoning my husband and my other children. Then my husband left his job to accompany and help her ”and although“ we tried to do the best we could ”n“ it is clear that we failed with her ”.

  • Margarita Seisdedos

    It was in October 2019 when Margarita Seisdedos, Yurena’s mother and protector, passed away at 91 years of age after a long struggle against Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s. And is that Margarita was always by her daughter’s side both in good times and in bad times, she defended her before everything and everyone and even confessed on one occasion that she slept with her. She became famous for the brick she carried in her bag when she beat Harlequin, one of her daughter’s enemies.

    The popularity of the singer, previously known as Tamara or Ámbar, was harvested around the year 2000, shortly after her daughter rose to fame for the success of the song ‘I did not change’ and for months mother and daughter appeared together on programs such as ‘Tómbola’ or ‘Martian Chronicles’. The last intervention of Seisdedos on television was in 2016, when her daughter participated in ‘Survivors’ and called her to reassure her.

  • Lucia Pariente

    There are faces whose appearance on certain television shows translates into succulent income. One of them is that of Alba Carrillo, known for her participation in the Telecinco reality show “Supermodelo” and who, after romantic relationships with Fonsi Nieto and Feliciano López, has become a sought-after guest on different television sets of the network. Mediaset. Carrillo has not only recounted the details of his love life in programs such as “Save me” or “Saturday Deluxe”, in which these types of profiles are more than common, but he has also been a contestant on different reality shows.

    Her mother, Lucía del Rosario Pariente Jiménez (58 years old) has gone through a multitude of trades, although she recognizes that what she does best is plumbing. Currently, she is a volunteer reservist for the Air Force. She is a woman of arms to take and this was demonstrated after the divorce of her daughter from the tennis player. It was at this time that his television appearances in defense of his daughter began. Lucía achieved fame for her controversial image and her strong character, a personality that has opened the door to several television reality shows such as ‘Survivors’ in 2017 or ‘Secret Story’ that is currently being broadcast. Although after passing through the island he announced that he was leaving television «Zapatero a su zapatos. This is not for me and I am retiring », it seems that he has not been able to achieve it and today he still gives a lot to talk about with his sharp personality.

  • Dolores Aveiro

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother is the perfect profile of ‘mother courage’. A tireless fighter who overcame multiple obstacles and sufferings before enjoying her son’s worldwide stardom. She herself told it so in her memoir.

    In 2005, she became the widower of José Dinis Aveiro, Cristiano’s father, who died as a result of his alcohol problems. Three years later, they detected breast cancer. Although at the time she recovered from this difficult trance, the cancer returned almost a decade later and she was operated on for a tumor in Madrid, the city where she lived with Ronaldo. Before, in 2014, she had been the victim of a heart attack precisely when her daughter Katia made her entry into the reality show ‘Survivors’ (Telecinco).

    There have been few obstacles that Dolores Aveiro has not managed to overcome throughout a life that has gone from poverty to opulence, from marginalization to world fame. Dolores Aveiro’s is a unique case in the world of football: no mother of a player reaches such levels of popularity, perhaps because she has shown her pride in her son on television on numerous occasions. The Portuguese perceive her as a close woman, who managed to raise the little Christian with the few means available to her.

    He has suffered greatly throughout his life, beginning with a childhood in a hospice due to the untimely death of his mother when he was only 5 years old. Her stepmother mistreated her and the financial hardships meant little food at the time of sitting at the table. This is how it grew, in the midst of the humility of the less attractive neighborhoods of the capital of Madeira. It has not exactly walked a path of roses. So much so that when she was pregnant with Cristiano – she has three more children: Elma, Katia and Hugo – she came to consider having an abortion, because she thought she would not be able to carry it out.

    However, her perseverance is beyond doubt and she has been loved when the great Portuguese companies claimed her to take advantage of her popular pull. This has been reflected in several advertising campaigns that it carried out for the leading operator in the Portuguese telephone market, either alone or together with CR7.


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