The controversial rule of ‘Pasapalabra’ that sentences Marco Antonio



Sofía Álvarez’s victory in ‘Pasapalabra’ put an end to the duels that, throughout the summer, the Bilbao woman and Marco Antonio have starred in the program presented on Antena 3 by Roberto Leal. Both contestants have shown in recent months a much superior handling of the dictionary than other participants and their confrontations in ‘El Rosco’, the final test of the program, generated real moments of heart attack among viewers, who have elevated ‘Pasapalabra’ to the 28.3% screen share in the afternoons.

This Monday, in fact, both Sofía and Marco Antonio solved their respective challenges without problems and tied for correct answers, just one letter away from the long-awaited economic prize. The last name of a famous American composer, Hermann, gave the psychiatrist the € 466,000 jackpot that his companion caressed, with 24 hits, to a letter of the final amount.

With the end of the duels between Sofía and Marco Antonio, the writer from Cádiz remains automatically removed from ‘Pasapalabra’. As happened with Javier Dávila, rival of the famous Pablo Díaz, Marco Antonio will not be able to compete again in the Antena 3 program and is definitely out of the contest after losing the pot against his partner and rival. This ‘Password’ rule is not popular with viewers, who already complained that Javier Dávila could not fight for a new boat after the victory of Pablo Díaz a few months ago.

With his departure, Marco Antonio joins the great eliminated from ‘Pasapalabra’ among which are Nacho Mangut or Luis de Lama, although he differs from them in that the man from Cádiz has not been expelled in the ‘blue chair’, the initial part of the contest that determines which contestants will face each other in the rest of the tests. As happened with Javier Dávila, Marco Antonio is a victim of the rules and, after the victory of Sofía Álvarez, he leaves behind an intense road on Antena 3 that has brought him just over 30,000 euros.

Engineer and writer

Marco Antonio Marcos Fernández (Cádiz, 1958) He is a Technical Industrial Engineer and works at the Astronomical Observatory of San Fernando, Cádiz. The contestant is also a writer and has published nine works, despite what remains a “complete stranger”, as he himself stated in the contest. Among other works, Marco Antonio Marcos has written ‘El interrogatorio’, which was a finalist for the Planeta Prize in 1994. In addition, he has also published ‘Amanecer Verde’, ‘El Hombre Obsoleto’, ‘Baphomet’, ‘Hitler’s Toaster and other stories fantastic ‘,’ Science Fiction in Cádiz ‘,’ Bad light ‘,’ Fenia ‘and’ The Automatic House ‘. With ‘Amanecer Verde’ he won the ‘Isaac Asimov’ Science Fiction Novel Prize organized by the Puerto Real Literary Athenaeum.

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