The Generalitat Valenciana leaves a child with cerebral palsy without class due to lack of educators




Unai Tomás Sánchez is a thirteen-year-old boy with cerebral palsy that he cannot attend class with the rest of his classmates at IES Torrevigía in the Alicante municipality of Torrevieja, since the center does not have a specialized educator for the care of the minor, according to his own mother. After more than twenty days of the school year, different associations denounce the lack of resources, as well as “discrimination and abandonment” suffered by children in Special Education in the Valencian Community.

Referred to a new institute that predictably met all the criteria to comply with an inclusive curricular adaptation after completing primary education, Unai’s family encountered the refusal of the center to allow the minor to attend its facilities since the incorporation of a educator “could take months.”

The alternatives put on the table by the management of IES Torrevigía, as explained from COVAPA, FAPA Gabriel Miró and the Association APANEEIt was a two-hour attendance or that the mother of the minor herself performed the functions of educator during the school hours in which her son remained at the center.

Previously, since June, they held different meetings to learn first-hand about Unai’s care needs, so that everything was ready for the beginning of the course. It was on September 8 when the center informed the family of the minor that it did not have the presence of the professional dedicated to Special Education.

After three weeks, the minor continues to be unable to go to class with the rest of his classmates, a situation that for the associations that report this case “causes a violation and discrimination towards the right to receive an adequate education And training”.

Likewise, they explain that “the educational progress of the minor under thirteen is being clearly harmed and slowing down” by failing to comply with Decree 104/2018 of July 27 of the Consell, which stipulates the principles of equity and inclusion in the Valencian educational system.

«Where is inclusive education? In which Unai did he receive no, little or a half education? »

Cristina, mother of the affected child, recounts the lack of attention and discrimination suffered by her son at the beginning of the year. «Where is inclusive education? In which Unai receives little, no, a half education or that I have to solve the problems of the educational system? “, Asks the mother, who defines the situation as” outrageous “and urges the Ministry of Education directed by Vicent Marzà, from Compromís, to «seek solutions in the shortest possible time».

The complaint of these associations also contemplates the lack of the physiotherapy resource assigned to the children in Torrevieja by psychopedagogical opinion of schooling. In addition, according to this information, the Department of Education is denying assistance to Early Care and the granting of scholarships for special educational needs, something that the Administration alleges that it is being taught in the centers.

“All this is leading to approximately fifty families being affected by not having a resource that belongs to them by opinion, which is causing the psychomotor delay in the evolution of improvement in children,” they emphasize from COVAPA, APANEE and FAPA Gabriel Miró .

The three associations that sign this claim ask for citizen collaboration “to give a voice to all the families affected by the passivity and silence of the Ministry”, at the same time that they announce that they will take the appropriate legal actions “if the Administration He continues without listening and without giving solutions to the affected children.

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