The government of Ximo Puig supports the PP proposal that calls for another regional financing model




The three parties of the government of Ximo Puig in the Generalitat (PSPV-PSOE, Commitment and United We Can) have supported with their votes the Popular Party proposal to claim a new model of regional financing, in the general policy debate in the Valencian Courts.

Another of the three partners of the Botanist coalition has also come forward on this same issue, with the aim of seeking the “maximum unity to vindicate the need for a new system.”

In this sense, government groups have stressed that their priority “will always be the search for the maximum consensus to demand a financing model that ensures a fair distribution of resources, without falling into frontage and confrontation.”

Despite the support for the proposal, PSPV-PSOE, Compromís and Unides Podem have stated that “they would have preferred a greater predisposition of the Popular Party to reach more beneficial agreements for the Valencian Community, such as those included in the botanical proposal on this matter.” The latter has come out with the votes of the three botanical groups only.

Precisely, from the PP they have celebrated that the Valencian left has rectified, since “this morning the PSPV has been against accepting that the model enters into force on January 1, 2022”.

According to the PP trustee, Maria Jose Catalá, “The firm position of the PP and the will to unite consensus has made the Botànic, which had announced its vote against, had to back down, of which we are glad.”

“We would have liked to reach agreements with water and infrastructure, but it is a positive step that our proposal on financing has been supported. Loyalty to Valencians is above the initials, “he concluded.

Rejection of the rest

In addition, the Botànic groups have approved the 12 proposals for resolutions that they presented to the General Policy Debate after a second session of almost ten hours in which the rest of the opposition proposals were rejected.

Among the ‘botanical’ proposals, the one to urge the Government to promote the immediate reform of the autonomous financing system stands out, with a transitional fund and suspension of debt interest payments generated by the FLA (Autonomous Liquidity Fund), together with the compensation of the historical Valencian debt.

The financing has evidenced the disagreement between Botànic and the opposition, since the PSPV has rejected a proposal from the PP to demand that the new model be on January 1 on the grounds that it does not depend on the Government but on Congress, so it has been asked if the ‘popular’ deputies will be with the Valencians or will do “whatever Feijóo and Mañueco say.”

On taxes, the three groups have approved asking for the harmonization in Spain to that of heritage and a minimum to inheritance to avoid fiscal ‘dumping’, in addition to committing to consolidate the progressive tax system where the richest pay more, while they have rejected the fiscal reform proposals of PP and Cs considering that they only benefit the « elites ».

They have also agreed on a plan to decentralize state institutions and to delve into federalism and they have included the request announced by the ‘president’, Ximo Puig, to ask the Government to transfer the management of the Cercanías trains with the necessary funds.

Within Health, they have opted for update the Mental Health strategy to include the problems derived from the pandemic, promote the study of the Persistent Covid, improve care in unpopulated areas, advance in the processing of the status of research staff, strengthen health centers.

Also complete the reversal of the department of Torrevieja in October and advance in the recovery to public management of the Dénia, Manises and Elx-Crevillent when their concessions end between 2024 and 2025.

LGTBI aggressions

In social matters, the Botànic has given the green light to initiate mechanisms for the prevention of suicidal behavior in young people and policies to eradicate sexist violence and violence against women. promoting the ‘feminization’ of society Valenciana, as well as promoting a “zero tolerance” agreement against aggressions and attacks on the LGTBI community.

It has also approved to urge the Government to approve the Housing law to avoid evictions and contain the rental price, as well as accentuate the energy sustainability in housing policies through “the future Valencian Energy Agency” with mechanisms that promote savings and the consumption of renewables.

Other of his proposals are expand the Edificant Plan by 700 million euros, extend paternity leave and achieve total free education for 1-3 years, together with the creation of a support unit for the internalization of Valencian cultural agents.

32 hour journey

The 32-hour day is one of the ideas that has been approved, as contained in a Botànic proposal for a resolution, with the aim of “distributing the work without losing workers’ wages,” said the deputy of Commitment, Josep Nadal.

«Work less to work better and decarbonize the economy», He added, and has warned that Spain is one of the countries in which more hours are worked and with less productivity. People’s lives have to be more than just going from home to work and from work to home, “he added.

Green taxation has been the protagonist of another botanical proposal, in which it is requested to promote the Valencian Climate Change Law. In it, a Valencian Citrus Front is also proposed together with the Valencian agrarian entities.

Tariff integration is the subject of another of the resolution proposals, which has defended Michel Montaner (PSPV). In addition, the text deals with extensions of the TRAM of Alicante and asks for the acceleration of the Mediterranean corridor.

The proposal to promote the Citizen Participation Law of the Valencian Community that has presented the Botànic, and that of developing the Law for the promotion of Peace and Human Rights. This same proposal speaks of developing a plan for the return of migrated Valencians.

Botànic groups have also rejected the opposition’s proposals to eliminate two ministries: Transparency, as requested by the PP, and Housing, to integrate it into Territorial Policy.

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