“They would have to change many things in Cuba to want to return”




A little over a decade ago, Ketty Fresneda said goodbye to the spicy beans that her grandmother prepared in Havana to follow in the footsteps of a love and settle with him in Pontevedra. Away from his family and his native Cuba, he began to try to reproduce the stews he savored at home. He dropped out of medicine and an unknown passion for cooking was born that would change his destiny forever.

In 2018, he put on the ‘Masterchef 6’ apron, consolidating week by week as one of the favorites. He still remembers the menu he prepared in the final, fusing Galician and Cuban cuisine. “I would love to go back into the program, it is a tough experience, like the one jumping in a parachute but in the end that adrenaline hooks. The judges are strict as if they were teachers who have an interest in your learning. To those who see potential they try to direct them “, declares Ketty to ABC. «The nicest is Pepe. Jordi too, although he doesn’t seem handsome to me nor does he seem like the typical strong boy prototype, I take a head out of him. And I messed around with him a lot. He’s a good guy, Jordi knows how to make a joke and joke, but in the end they play a role. If you have any questions about a recipe, you send him a ‘whatsapp’ and he answers it to you ».

The salad he created for This is Rumba
The salad he created for This is Rumba – ABC

His time on the TVE program opened many doors for him in the gastronomic universe. Ketty is now involved in various projects. He has opened a restaurant in Pontevedra, Kutún, Naughty Kitchen. “We opened in the middle of a pandemic, I am hyperactive and during confinement I started to think about it and jump. I would like to inaugurate more ». In addition, she is now involved in the ‘pop up’ restaurant This is Rumba, by Ron Matusalem, which will be open until October 2 at Espacio Montesa in Madrid. «We have done this little madness of including rum in my recipes, I am a very rum producer. I have added it to the tuna fish, the cheek and the dessert ».

At 32 years old, when Ketty looks back, she has no regrets. «I came to Spain for love ten years ago. Was very young. We met in the neighborhood because one of his best friends was a neighbor of mine and we all went for a drink, the touch makes love, we ended up getting married, although today unfortunately we are no longer together. We get along really good. We have a company, when he is not in the city I run his business and vice versa. It is a very beautiful friendship that I hope will last a lifetime.

He longs for his roots and is very aware of what happens in his native land, such as the tense moments that were lived during the protests this summer. «Now in Cuba I have my grandmother and my uncle. My sister and my mother are in the Dominican Republic and my father has passed away. During the summer, during the protests, I had a very bad time because I have my family there and my friends and a very delicate situation is being experienced. If here in Spain we complain about the current situation, imagine what it is like there ».

On the possibility of returning, at the moment he does not see it clear. «They would have to change many things in Cuba to want to return. A lot of people tell me: ‘open a restaurant here’. And I say to them: ‘with what?’ If things as basic as dairy do not exist, olive oil is a treasure.

Regarding who he would like to meet, he is clear. «I’m very freaky about music and most of the artists I like are already dead. I really like Alicia Keys, if you want some fried eggs I’ll make them for you», He jokes.

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