Vox joins Ayuso in his criticism of the Pope

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Following the meeting of the Board of Spokespersons, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros He gave his opinion at a press conference on the controversial letter from Pope Francis sent to the Mexican president: “I don’t really understand what a pope of Argentine nationality is doing apologizing on behalf of others.” Joining the recent statements by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who called “surprising” the recent forgiveness of the Catholic Church for evangelization during the Conquest of America. The Deputy Secretary for International Relations of Vox defended his words, arguing that our country has multiple reasons to feel “proud” of its historical and cultural legacy. One of the precepts to which ‘Dissent’ is dedicated, a foundation related to the third political force of the Congress of Deputies.

Less than two weeks before the National Holiday, Vox comes out for the second time in defense of Hispanidad to which it associates values ​​such as freedom and equality, in the words of Espinosa de los Monteros. Concepts that are somewhat in tune with those expressed by Ayuso on a US tour to defend the legacy of Spain in America against the “black legend” and “Manichean revision of History” which, in his opinion, is being attempted with growth “Alarming” of “indigenismo and populism” which he envisions as the new communism. The president also emphasized the nationality of the Pope and freedom: “I am surprised that a Catholic who speaks Spanish speaks like this in turn of a legacy like ours, which was to carry Spanish precisely, and through the missions, Catholicism and, therefore, civilization and freedom to the American continent “, concluded the leader.

The Vox spokesperson wanted to go further and described the conduct of our country as “exemplary” during the Conquest of America, which occurred 500 years ago. “Especially when compared with other powers, on their arrival in other territories,” he continued. To conclude that “Spain never had colonies but territories on both sides of the Atlantic.”

In the letter sent by the highest institution of the Church to the Mexican president, he asked to privilege a respectful dialogue and stop evoking the past in order to heal the wounds and build the desired universal brotherhood. Within the celebrations of the celebration of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Mexico, López Obrador served as host meeting before leaders of France, Italy, India, Serbia or Belize, and without the presence of representatives of our Government, taking the opportunity to praise the figure of the Pope: “He is a good Christian who advocates for the poor,” he dared to define Francis. In a drastic turn in relations between the Mexican Episcopal Conference and the Government of Mexico – in the second country with the most Catholics in the world – since they were not, until now, the most cordial since President López Obrador claimed the Pope more energy to denounce what he calls “growing neoliberalism.” To this was added the repeated request of the president for the Church to apologize for “the disgraceful atrocities” that in his opinion suffered the native peoples 500 years ago. A demand that he also made to Spain in the figure of our King Felipe VI, a few weeks before, with the same message and with the same intention.

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