“We are in a critical situation”

Barcelona returns home very touched after their resounding defeat against Benfica. Zero goals in favor and six conceded in the first two games played in the Champions League, with an erratic image and a dubious approach from Ronald Koeman, which leaves him on the ropes. Sergio Busquets was the first player to analyze the defeat and the moment of the team. “It is difficult, but in the end where the games are decided, which is in the areas, we have not been forceful. We fit in very early, but I think the team was good and had quite a few chances and we were forgiving. When that happens and you forgive, they take advantage of it ”, explained the Barça captain, who showed his face despite having been substituted. The midfielder was very clear and resounding about the situation of the team and of Koeman, on whom he plans the dismissal: “In the end, the easiest thing is that. We all have responsibilities. We are in a critical situation, the truth, “he explained before pointing:” We have only been two days, but we have zero points. It’s complicated. We have to think about going up. We have no other choice. You have to wait and see what happens in the other games. We are last, but we have to think positively. Frenkie de Jong lined up with the captain. «This is a difficult time. They score the first goal very early but in the first half we have not played badly and we have created danger although we have to score the chances that we create, “explained the Dutchman, who does not hide the pessimism that haunts the team in the Champions League after zero points they have, for the six from Bayern and the four from Benfica. “We are starting very, very badly, but there are still games left and if we win them there will be opportunities, but we have to win. We are in a very complicated situation ”, he commented, insisting that“ changing the coach does not solve the problem ”. De Jong wants to see a silver lining in Europe: “We have been focused from the start but things like this can always happen. We have to keep fighting and be together. You only escape these situations if you work very hard and we are very close. Ronald Koeman tried to give answers to the doubts generated and explained what has been seen in the Benfica stadium. “The final result is hard and we have to accept it but it does not reflect what we have seen on the field of play,” he defended himself although he acknowledged that “we have to defend better, soft can be a word but there are many teams that are physically better than us ». He defended his players: «I am not going to discuss the level of this team. Everybody knows the problem of Barça nowadays. For me it is clearer than water ». And he avoided talking about his future: «I can only comment on my work with the team. I am very supported by the team, I don’t know about the rest, the club? I dont know”.


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