El Pollo claims to be able to try irregular deals from the Zapatero era

The former head of Intelligence with the governments of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro, General Hugo Armando Carvajal, is in a race against the clock to try to abort his extradition to the United States, which already has all the approvals of the National Court and the approval of the Government. In this context, he asked to testify before the judge of the National High Court, Manuel Garcia Castellon last week on matters of international terrorism that could be of interest to the Spanish Justice, but not only: he left two serious accusations that he has not yet proven and which concern the two parties that support the Government of Spain, ultimately responsible for the delivery .

This newspaper, in its exposition, stated that it was aware of all that surrounded the relations between Spain and Venezuela during the Government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and in that sense, that he knew and could prove that there were irregularities in the phase in which Miguel Ángel Moratinos, whom he mentioned by his surname, was Foreign Minister.

It is not just any stage. The now high representative of the United Nations for the Alliance of Civilizations was minister between 2004 and 2010, the years of the great contracts of Spanish companies with Venezuela. Since the sale in 2005
of eight Spanish frigates for 1,245 million euros,
that it has been investigated for a decade to conclude that there were commissions but they were paid by Venezuelan coffers; until the award to Duro Felguera for 2,000 million of dollars from a thermal power plant that continues for the same thing under the magnifying glass of the National Court.

In the middle, the crisis of the famous “Why don’t you shut up?” that Don Juan Carlos, still King of Spain, launched to Hugo Chávez at the XVII Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State in 2007 and that, once Foreign Affairs was redirected through, ended up being settled with large contracts to Spanish companies. It is also the phase of the political ambassador Raúl Morodo, accused, like his wife, son and daughter-in-law, among others, for an alleged embezzlement from PDVSA through false consultancy contracts that would have been started shortly after he left office. Morodo, however, did not come out in the Chicken’s statement.

According to sources from the Carvajal environment consulted by this newspaper, the part that could contribute the most would be that related to the entire sale of weapons, including that business with Spanish-built frigates. At the time, the Defense Minister was José Bono and the cause for the 43 million that they went on commissions, recently filed, never splashed him.

We can, in the spotlight

However, the same sources point out that Carvajal had eyes everywhere and that when he decided to leave Venezuela he was careful to have documentation that could open doors for him in other places. In this sense, during his appearance he specifically referred to the co-founder of Podemos Juan Carlos Wallet and said it had been billing the Venezuelan state oil company for non-existent services. According to the different sources consulted by ABC, by word of mouth he gave a calculation by eye of the money that could have been earned in that way, a fork that would start in 100,000 or 200,000 dollars and that he could not specify, as well as the number of contracts or the dates. Of this, as of the alleged irregularities in the Zapatero government’s business with Venezuela of which he claims to be aware, he would have documentary evidence or is what he advanced to the judge.

The sale of arms, including the contract for the construction of frigates could be the part where more information would be provided

Now is the time for these papers to emerge, because according to the legal sources consulted by this newspaper, his testimony is “reliable”, butit is far from enough not only to open or reopen criminal investigations, but to grant him some kind of condition, be it that of a protected witness, or that of a defendant if he incriminates himself. That is, enough to ask the court to postpone its delivery to the United States.

Against the clock

And the days go by. The legal sources consulted by this newspaper indicate that the margin for it to provide the documents it claims to have will not go beyond mid-October and if by then, you have not presented anything of sufficient judicial relevance, the proceedings initiated to receive your statement will have the days numbered. Or what is the same, his only trump card to try to stay in Spain will have been extinguished, despite the double play that he has launched on account of his passage before the judge.

The sources of his environment consulted by this newspaper indicate that it is not easy to recover that information, and even less, while in provisional prison, but there is a firm commitment to make papers available to the judge because what underlies in the background, is the conviction of that extradition is going on it. It should be remembered that for Carvajal the entire claim process initiated by the United States, which claims him for drug trafficking in the context of the Cartel of the Suns, is an invention to be able to take him to his territory and under duress, to obtain information from the Maduro regime.

Asylum, unfavorable

That margin of ‘patience’ has to do with the deadlines for processing the appeals against the rejection of the asylum application that Carvajal presented in 2019 and of which he had not had evidence until this month. Sources of his defense reported that they will appeal in replacement, although at the end of this edition it was not formally stated that they had already done so.

They have a period of one month from the notification they received on September 12. Once the appeal is filed, the procedures are agile and in a matter of one more month, it could be resolved. There is the option to go to the dispute, for which the term is two months from the notification. If it comes to buying time in Spain, they could rush until the last day. And then, how long it takes to resolve. The extradition court already wrote on Monday that
the only thing missing is that the refusal to grant him asylum is firm.

The US claims him for drug trafficking; Carvajal tries to avoid extradition, but has very little chance

The forecast is not promising for him. First, because it would be strange for the Administration to grant it protection against the United States, when the Plenary of the Criminal Chamber of the National High Court ruled that it could be handed over to its authorities, that is, that its authorities would not be violated there. Fundamental rights. And secondly, because according to the foreigners asked by ABC, it is very exceptional for asylum to be granted with respect to a country that is neither its own nor the last one from which it comes, and more so if it is its judicial system that claims it. . There are cases, of course, but they are extreme: A homosexual person who flees from his country of origin due to persecution and ends up in another where his condition is also penalized and to which he cannot return. That would be a typical case. That of Carvajal, according to the sources consulted, no. They could, however, reconsider the rejection to shield it only with respect to Venezuela, a condition that would not impede its delivery to the United States.

The Venezuelan Justice, in fact, agreed on September 21 to ask Spain for his extradition, as announced on state television by Attorney General Tarek Saab. They take a first step in the process with the petition, but in front of their claim there is that of the United States, already processed and approved, in the absence of knowing if the Chicken and collaboration with justice is an order that only seeks to exercise pressure on the assumptions harmed by their disclosures or if, really, it should remain at the disposal of the National Court because it depends on the clarification of matters of seriousness and criminal relevance. The key will be in what you contribute, if you contribute, and then in what the judge decides first, and then the court.


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