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The end of the summer is a turning point for the Spanish. Returning to work after the holidays or the beginning of classes mark a stage that in many cases is marked by new and exciting projects. One of the most common is doing home renovations.

In fact, reform is one of the sectors that has experienced the highest growth during the pandemic. Thus, for example, the reform of houses grew 14% in the first quarter of the year. The ordeal of confinements and the increase in teleworking make many people decide to undertake a reform to make their home as comfortable as possible.

The first step for any reform is to find the most suitable professional to carry it out. The proliferation of reform firms can complicate the decision. However, there are platforms that help make things easier, allowing you to find the professional that fits your needs. The best example of this is the VIP Reformas platform, one of the oldest web portals in Spain.

VIP Reformas, the perfect solution to get a good renovation budget

VIP Renovations is a portal that sends you up to 4 reform estimates from the best companies in your area for free. The operation is very simple:

1. The user fills in a form with his contact information and the type of reform he needs.

2. Companies and professionals registered on the platform see the request and, if they are interested in the work, call to give technical advice, find out more details and, if necessary, visit the site to take measurements and choose material qualities. With that information they make their budgets and send them to the platform.

3. VIP Reformas selects the 4 best offers from among all the budgets and sends them to the user to evaluate them, all for free and without any obligation.

If the user is interested in any of the estimates, they can contract directly with the chosen professional without intermediaries. In addition, on the web it is possible to see photographs and examples of the reforms carried out by registered companies, make 3D plans in a simple way and consult an ideas section with thousands of images, you can also know the experiences and opinions of other users.

This service not only saves time, but also guarantees that the reform is carried out by a trusted company, since all professionals registered on the platform pass strict quality and professionalism filters.

VIP Reformas has been active since 2010 and currently has more than 15,000 registered professionals, with which it is possible to find reform companies from any province in our country. It currently manages more than 40,000 renovations every year, helping all these families to find the most suitable renovation company for their work.

Reasons to reform a house

Comfort: Given that we spend a large part of our life at home, it is logical that the desire to have a more comfortable home is one of the main reasons for the reform. According to the experts, the trends are the most open and luminous spaces to take advantage of every inch.

Adapt it to new needs: Mobility problems associated with age are a common cause for the start of a reform. Among the most common reforms for the adaptation of homes is the change of bathtub for a shower tray or the installation of railings. Although also the arrival of a new member of the family is behind many reforms. In this case, for example, the enclosure of terraces stands out to avoid accidents.

Energy saving: The age of the Spanish housing stock makes many houses an energy drain. A reform can reduce energy leaks achieving energy savings of between 30% and 80%, depending on the case. Something very to take into account at a time when the electricity bill continues to skyrocket. In addition, this type of reform can request aid such as the reduction of personal income tax contemplated in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Government.

Revaluation of the property: With the passage of time, homes age. The materials wear out, the walls darken … This not only affects the quality of life, but also devalues ​​the value of the property. Proposing a comprehensive reform is the best way to revalue the home for the purchase or rental.

Regardless of the reason for a reform, it is essential to have the right company for the job. In this sense, VIP Reformas allows you to select trusted professionals with competitive budgets.

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