The white label already represents more than half of the shopping basket of Spanish families




Own brand products continue to grow in presence in the shopping basket of Spanish households. To deepen this trend, ALDI and Kantar have prepared the Study on own brand in Spain 2021, which shows that this type of products currently represents more than half, 52%, of the shopping basket of Spanish families .

This same trend is reflected in spending on private label products, which represents 40% of the annual budget of the shopping basket. Specifically, the average spending of Spanish consumers on these products has increased in the last three years by 13%, from an average of 903 euros

in 2018 to 1,016 euros in the first half of 2021. The supermarket own-brand products that are most consumed in Spain, in number of items, are frozen fruit and vegetables (85% share in the purchase), cellulose ( 78%), frozen dishes and pizzas (72%) and cereals and snacks (70%).


83% of consumers say that buys its own brand, mainly due to its good relation between quality and price. Other relevant reasons are trust in this type of product (41%) and that its origin is national (28%).

According to the report prepared by ALDI, more than half of consumers in Spain (54%) acknowledge consuming more own brands than in 2018, mainly due to the fact that they consider that prices are lower than those of manufacturer brands (56 %), better quality-price than other brands (51%) and the increase in the variety of this type of products in recent years (49%). During 2020, the consumption of private label products increased by 31%, especially among those consumers whose income was most affected by the pandemic.

The study also highlights that three out of four consumers in Spain consider that the quality of their own brand products is not in doubt, even though the price is lower than that of other brands, an opinion that is especially widespread among older consumers . What’s more, 81% admit that if they have a good experience with the product, they usually recommend it to their family and friends. In fact, six out of 10 shoppers say they are guided by recommendations when trying a new supermarket own brand.

On the other hand, 70% of consumers affirm that they prioritize their own brand if they know the manufacturer, as well as if their origin is national. In addition, about half of shoppers (47%) prioritize supermarket own-brand products if they are organic, especially women and the youngest.

Sustainability is another aspect that consumers also value when making the usual purchase. 81% give importance to the type of packaging used, 71% prefer sustainable packaging and 87% take into account the reduction of plastics in their decision making.

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