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UK mobilizes its tanker fleet to ease fuel crisis

The British government has mobilized its fleet of tanker trucks on Wednesday to alleviate the crisis of fuel shortages that plagues the country, not because there is no gasoline, but because there are not enough heavy vehicle drivers to take the product from the refineries to the service stations.

UK truckers and labor shortages are also affecting other industries

The lack of heavy vehicle drivers in the United Kingdom It has caused in recent days a major fuel shortage crisis that, however, is not exclusive to the sector. The country’s labor shortage, the cause of which must be sought in several factors, including the pandemic and Brexit, is also affecting other industries, from fruit picking to food processing, but also passing through the hotel industry, catering and construction, a problem that is exacerbated by the lack of truckers and the consequent instability in the supply chain.

The EU wants to increase its population by 20 million to counter the influence of Turkey, Russia and the US.

The three-day tour of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, for six Western Balkan countries aims to instill a message of hope in the promise that all of them will one day be members of the EU. The reality is that next week’s summit in Slovenia coincides with a time when tensions within and outside the region are multiplying. Serbia and Kosovo show their teeth In the north of the former Serbian province, the Bosnian Serbs threaten once again to separate from this country of impossible cohesion and although things improve in Albania, their path to the EU is linked to that of North Macedonia, which has it blocked because it does not succeed either. resolve its political differences with neighboring Bulgaria, a country that is already a member but is falling into a delirious spiral that has made it the subject of US sanctions for its failure in the fight against corruption.

Borrell sends a European mission to observe the elections in Venezuela

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrellwill send a technical electoral observation mission to Venezuela to follow the regional elections on November 21 from the field.

Violence and overdose: the US drama on the fringes of the pandemic

It will take years before the health, economic and social impact can be fully measuredof the Covid-19 pandemic. From the effect on the urban model – New York, for example, has a good part of its office buildings unoccupied and many companies have decided to definitively adopt teleworking – to the long-term impact on mental health or educational development Of children who have been left for months without being able to go to school, the pandemic is a shock that goes beyond the tragic bill in human losses and the economic cost caused by the restrictions.

The slow agony of Omayra: the girl who asked for calm after the eruption of Nevado Ruiz

Trapped between the ruins of her own demolished house and the mud that had formed with the remains of lava and ash from the Colombian volcano Nevado Ruiz. This is how Omayra Sánchez was on November 16, 1985, with the meltwater caused by the eruption around her neck, while different channels broadcast her last hours of life live. She was even interviewed by Televisión Española. It was overwhelming to see a 13-year-old girl giving encouragement and affection to the teams trying to rescue her: “Go rest for a while and then they take me out.”

United Kingdom, doomed to a winter with risk of covid and supply crisis

The United Kingdom has been one of the countries most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, with a death toll that exceeds 136,000, and although at this time the restrictions to prevent infections that were in force for months are no longer mandatory, and the number of hospitalizations and deaths remains relatively low, the truth is that with the arrival of winter the scientists who advise the government they foresee a worrying increase in cases. A weeks ago, the own Boris Johnson acknowledged that although a new confinement is the last option and that drastic measures would only be taken if the national health system enters the risk of collapse, the truth is that it is not completely ruled out and the restrictions could return, with the risk it poses to the economy.

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