Almost 3,000 drivers were caught in the last week with their mobile at the wheel




Mobile phone use while driving remains the most common offense among Spanish drivers. Asís is clear from the last control campaign carried out by the
, in which of the total of 6,840 complaints made, a total of 2,930 correspond to this precept.

These fines were processed by the General Directorate of Traffic after the campaign carried out between September 16 and 22 and to which numerous municipalities have joined through their local police.

Specifically, the agents of the Civil Guard Traffic Group have controlled a total of 304,126 vehicles that circulated on conventional roads and 8,295 controls have been carried out in which 6,708 drivers have been denounced for carrying out actions that are distracting while driving.

Of the 6,840 complaints filed, almost 43% (2,930) were for manually using the mobile phone while driving.

Buckle up while driving, generally when they have been seen by the agents, it is also a distraction that has resulted in a sanction for 412 drivers.

What’s more, 327 drivers were penalized for wearing helmets or headphones connected to sound reproducing devices, other than the mobile phone, a behavior that is prohibited because it is also a distraction while driving.

Other actions most sanctioned for involving a distraction in driving are reading (145), searching for objects (108), driving while eating (56), using or manipulating browsers, internet access screens, video or DVD players (51) or being distracted by other vehicle occupants (47).

In addition to all these concrete actions, the agents made 928 complaints for other infractions that caused distraction in driving.

Yesterday, the Interior Commission approved the Law amending the revised text of the Law on Traffic, Circulation of motor vehicles and Road Safety.

Among the main novelties of the reform stands out a hardening for numerous infractions, doubling, for example, the penalties for driving with a mobile phone in hand or for not wearing a seat belt, among others. In addition, the mandatory use of a helmet is established in personal mobility vehicles, such as electric scooters.

Penalty points increased from 3 to 6 for driving while holding the mobile phone. Traffic includes a nuance in the text of the new Law that changes the concept of drivers completely: it replaces the word “use” with “drive while holding mobile phone devices”.

This caused many drivers to escape the fine as it was very difficult for drones to capture the exact moment of mobile phone use. From 2021 this will not be the case and simply by “driving with your mobile in hand”, whether you are using it or not, it will already be an offense whose fine will be 500 euros.

Do not use the seat belt, child restraint systems, helmet and other protection elements it will mean a penalty of four points, instead of the current three. In addition, the misuse of these elements will be penalized.

Carrying radar or cinemometers detection mechanisms in the vehicle, even if they are deactivated, will be a serious offense fined with 500 euros and the loss of three points.

One of the most controversial aspects of the Government’s legislative project is the proposed elimination of the possibility that cars and motorcycles could exceed 20 km / h the speed limit on a conventional highway (that is, one lane in each direction and without physical separation between the two) when passing other vehicles.

During the debate on the text, an amendment was approved that diminishes this measure, so that the aforementioned margin of an additional 20 km / h to overtake on conventional roads is finally maintained, which was proposed by the Government and that several groups had criticized.

From the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) this measure was justified because it is already applied in other EU countries It was intended to reinforce the message that “overtaking carries a risk of head-on collision.”

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