For Ávila he admits his harmony with Cs and asks Mañueco to move his card




The parties that support the Government of Castilla y León, PP and Ciudadanos, seek to reach an agreement with Por Ávila, which has a single attorney in the regional courts, Pedro Pascual, and with whom there has always been good harmony. The objective would not only be to get the budgets of the Community for the next fiscal year, but to achieve a pact of greater scope that allows to give stability to the Executive, after the loss of the majority in the Cortes last March. However, curiously, the negotiations are being carried out by the two formations separately and each with its own roadmap.

On Thursday, the vice president of the Board, Francisco Igea, pointed out that “soon” there could be something positive with the Avila training. Yesterday, Pascual himself asked Igea “deeds, and not words” to be able to seal the agreement, although he acknowledged that “in the meetings that have taken place with Citizens, a series of proposals have been presented that are important for the province of Avila and they see that they are viable and can be carried out. We have had several meetings, the atmosphere is favorable, they agree with our requests, and when I see them expressed we will go forward “, insisting that” if they become facts, we go forward, but they have to be done, not words. ” , informs Ical.

Unfulfilled agreements

Pascual advises the regional government team that “last year when we supported the budgets it was with specific investments for Ávila that are being carried out, but not completely, because there are some that have not yet been fulfilled. There are things pending from the previous budget, and that is why I say now that I want it, they are facts. When I see that things are being done, then we can move forward », bearing in mind, he said, that “they will be in more hurry than us.”

For his part, the mayor of Ávila and vice president of Por Ávila, Jesús Manuel Sánchez Cabrera, insisted that his formation wants to “guarantee the stability of the regional government to avoid elections that are not necessary, and now it is Mr. Mañueco who has to move tab ». «For Ávila he also put the negotiation on the table of the PP, but we did not receive a response. It seems that Mañueco was not very interested in investing in Ávila, “said Sánchez Cabrera,” and now it is Mr. Igea, as part of the regional government, who has taken the initiative, has called us and seems to be very receptive to we can reach an agreement. In this sense, he stressed that “at least from the ministries led by Ciudadanos, it seems that they are willing to invest in Ávila, and what we are waiting for is that Mañueco will make a move because by Ávila he has reached out to guarantee the stability of the government regional”.

From the formation of Avila there is the conviction that this stability «is important for the region, It would not be justified in any way that elections are called or that there is instability in the Government that prevents Castilla y León from progressing at such a decisive and important moment like the one we are in with the arrival of the Next Generation funds that are paying attention to emptied Spain, and we are ”. The concretion or not of the pact will depend on how “the points of agreement that we have with Ciudadanos materialize, because there must be an agreement with the two parts of the regional government.”

On the other side, the spokesperson for the Popular Group in the regional Courts, Raúl de la Hoz, assured yesterday at the end of the Board of Spokespersons that its formation also works “to give stability to the government.” although “some of us work more discreetly than others,” he said in reference to Francisco Igea, although he avoided naming him at all times, limiting himself to pointing out that “I have been clear enough” when he was asked to be more specific. He also recalled that the negotiation to obtain support that allows the budgets to be carried out is carried out with other parliamentarians (UPL and Vox) since with PSOE and Podemos «I would like to but they refused; the other attorneys are more serious and respectful.

The possible advancement of the regional elections continues to weigh on the environment, although De la Hoz was very blunt in ensuring that “it has nothing to do” with the PP convention. In Ciudadanos, its spokesperson reaffirmed the need to “eliminate the noise” and wondered “why do we have to bring the elections forward when we have a government, the budgets are being negotiated and there is interest in them moving forward.” “I do not believe that the PP, after the national convention, decides to go to an electoral advance,” he concluded

While, in the PSOE they denounced the “instability” of the autonomous government to affirm that “we have no fear of an electoral advance”, in the words of the vice spokesperson for the Socialist Group, Virginia Barcones, who referred to the “sainete” caused by PP and Ciudadanos, whom she accused of “lighting the flame of instability” with the “permanent manipulation” of the institutions with the advance electoral. “We are not playing the future,” he warned, to remember the arrival of European funds.

With this message, the spokesman for the Socialist Parliamentary Group of the Courts, Luis Tudanca, will ask the president of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, in the plenary session next Tuesday about the “stability” that the Government requires at a time like the present and after having “set off the alarms” around the pact between PP and Ciudadanos.

Precisely, Luis Tudanca, and the spokesperson of the Mixed Group, the attorney for United We Can, Pablo Fernández, criticized Raúl de la Hoz yesterday for not having attended the meeting of the Board of Spokespersons, a fact that, according to him, is repeated too often. Faced with this attitude, he appealed to responsibility because “we are attorneys and that implies a series of obligations.” The answer to these affirmations came from the hand of Virginia Barcones, who accused the popular leader of “muddying” with polemics “sterile and artificial, by having” the house turned upside down. “

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