“May Mbappé enjoy at Real Madrid, it is the best club in the world”



Real Madrid need to beat Espanyol to avoid a crisis of results that fuels doubts in the team. The draw against Villarreal and the loss to the Sheriff have caused two negative situations that Ancelotti needs to cut his losses to return to victory. A third score against would generate much criticism and the loss of the leadership before the national team break, with twenty days to spare until the next league match, at Camp Nou, on October 24. Five days before the Madrid visit will arrive al Shakhtar, in Ukraine. Many dates to figure out. The Italian coach demands to win tomorrow at Cornellá and end this swing. The losses of Mendy and Carvajal generate a problem in the defense and the white team has conceded ten goals in nine games. The French will return soon, but the Madrid will take at least a month.

Ancelotti, who has not found an eleven type, said that Kroos will start at Cornellá: “Everyone knows what Kroos brings to the team and tomorrow he will start at the eleven.”

He analyzed the state of Hazard: «Okay and a bit of continuity is lacking. He already does the one on one as before, he does it very well and needs more prominence in the game, continuity and to show the quality he has, which is a lot.

“Mendy is quite well and will return after the break,” said the Italian, confirming the information from ABC

ABC questioned him if he could coach Barcelona one day, after his history at Real Madrid. Guti has stated that he would. The Italian was resounding: “I cannot go against history, with all due respect to a great club like Barcelona.”

Speak of Mendy and her situation: «It’s pretty good, we have not raised the workload much. After the break he can play the first game (against Shakhtar on the 19th). Marcelo and Carvajal will also enter after the break.

Pondered about the criticism of Casemiro, They say he’s exhausted: «Casemiro isn’t tired, I don’t know why they say that. is playing well. When I do rotations it is to give the players breaks and minutes, as I did with Modric ».

He explained what happened in Champions: «We have failed in small errors before the Sheriff and we have failed in the completion. What happened affects me physically, because I don’t sleep, but not emotionally. Of course it hurts when you don’t win. In the last two games we have failed in that we have not scored goals. Ten days ago all things were good and Now is not such a difficult time, they are little things».

They asked him which midfield was better, his with Donadoni and Rijkaard or the triumvirate Casemiro, Modric and Kroos. He resolved with art: «Yesterday we were in a photo Kroos, Casemiro and I and I told them that that was the best center from the field of the world, I drive and they run (ha ha ha) ».

There was talk of Mbappé and a phrase from Benzema: “He will play here one day.” Ancelotti was clear: «That Mbappé enjoy yourself at Real Madrid, because it is the best club in the world ».

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