Genoa warns that there will be more mayors who will be regional presidents of the PP

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In a particularly tense week within the PP in Madrid, due to the pressure from the Ayuso to Genoa environment to carry out the regional congress, the national leadership has launched a message in an internal key with a very significant depth. On Friday he gave way to the announcement that the Mayor of Zaragoza, Jorge Azcón, will be the next regional president of the party in Aragon, replacing Luis Maria Beamonte. Genoa sources assured ABC that he will not be the only mayor who leads the party in a region: “Azcón has opened the melon, and there will be more mayors who are party presidents.”

The clearest case will be that of the Mayor of Santander, Gema Igual Ortiz, which has the full support of Genoa to be the future president of the PP of Cantabria, when the regional congress is held. Being a single-province community, it will have to wait for the first semester of 2022, like Madrid, after all the congresses of the multi-provincial regions are closed.

The internal movement directed from the national leadership has started in Aragon and will continue in Cantabria, with two mayors who will be presidents, but no one is aware that the message can be a notice to sailors in full political storm in Madrid, just at a time when the clash between Isabel Diaz Ayuso and the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, while José Luis Martínez-Almeida it has been in a discreet background for several weeks.

The pressures

In Genoa they want to distinguish between Ayuso and his environment, which is the one that is pressing in a clearer way to advance the regional congress and to be held, at the latest, in March. The regional board of directors last Friday was the scene where the party division in Madrid, among those who demand to advance the congress so that Ayuso can be elected president of the party in Madrid as soon as possible, and thus get down to work to prepare the next elections, and those who are in line with Genoa, reject the pressures and see with great suspicion the rush of the environment of the regional president to control the training.

«What’s the rush? There is something else there … », they comment in the PP of Madrid with certain distrust. Genoa’s plans are to hold the Madrid congress in May or June. That is, two or three months later than what the ‘Ayusistas’ demand. “Does anyone understand that this mess is mounted for two months?” They wonder. In the end, it is a full-blown pulse, and the national leadership is clear that they are not going to lose it.

At the same time, in the ranks of the party the
Internal controversy over the blocking of García Egea’s mobile phone in Ayuso’s WhatsApp
, among other leaders. The regional president assured yesterday that she could not be “in schoolyard discussions.” “It is too childish a subject,” he commented. In addition, he promised to respect the time of the party and not to get into an “unnecessary” war. For this, it seems, part of his team is already, which does not hesitate to continue fueling the internal pressures.

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