Ignacio Ruiz-Quintano: Vinicius and trigonometry

The grace of this League is no longer in knowing who will win it, which, if we look at the game, it does not seem that it matters to anyone, but in explaining to Vinicius, who is the entire League, against the forecasts of the ‘mainstream’, who is still determined how good Busquets is and how much future Ansu Fati has, while Luis Enrique, the triumviro of football elegance (with Rubiales and Molina), ascends to international status to the membership of La Masía, which even Jimmy Jump could go summoned to the World Cup in Xavi’s country.

The fact is that Vinicius is only explained by literature, and in no case by trigonometry. Nicolás Guillén, and in no case Álvaro Benito. In the classic,

a halter ran down the stands of the Campo Nuevo to blurt out a racist insult to Vinicius; Vinicius scratched it with his finger; but on TV they eliminated the halter, leaving Vinicius hanging from his finger so that the guard’s tooth removers could exercise their trade.

–Yes, no, Vinicius.

They are the tooth pickers of the high block, middle block, low block, Alba’s synergy, pass window, Memphis percute, Joselu talona and «Kun retires dizzy by his own foot …».

In front of the television one sits (and feels) one like the Buscón when, from a distance, he saw a loose mule and a man next to it on foot, who, looking at a book, was making lines that he measured with a compass.

“He asked me,” says Pablos, “if I was going to Madrid by straight line or if I was going by circumflex road.” Although I did not understand it, I told him that I circumflexed. He asked whose sword he was carrying next to him was. I replied that it was mine, and looking at her, he said: “Those hawks had to be longer, to repair the cuts that are formed on the center of the lunges.”

Is it possible that there was math in it? “Not only mathematics,” he replied, “but theology, philosophy, music and medicine.” In these talks they reached Rejas. They alighted at an inn and as they alighted, the enchantress warned Pablos with loud voices to make an obtuse angle with his legs, and to reduce them to parallel lines to stand perpendicular to the ground. The guest, who saw Pablos laugh, asked him if that gentleman was an Indian, who spoke of that fate. Today he would be a commentator on the trigonometric football that the monopoly television stations dispatch where they scold Vinicius for sticking his finger out when they insult him.

As we said about Drogba (another ‘liberated’ from Ancelotti) when he won the orejona with Chelsea, Vinicius should play with patent leather shoes, and his goals deserve to be sung, not by Benito, who only pays attention to the ‘contact surface’, but for Guillén: «Your gloves / placed on the tip of your squirrel body, / and the punch of your smile …».

Guillén’s sóngoro cosongo, and not Clarabella’s cow trigonometry on TV, “because training is hard and the muscle is traitorous, / and you have to be a bull, / as you say happily, so that the blow hurts more …” .

Cocteau’s songous cosongo explaining Panama Al Brown as one of those beings who belong to the people and who summarize in them his confused searches, his secret desires to win. Let’s surrender to Ancelotti, who has known how to show off. We do not forget that Vinicius made his debut Lopetegui … at a discount! As a carelessness would teach a recently stolen watch. Zidane crucified him by placing him on the right side, like any Lucas Vázquez.

Vinicius is joy, and joy is, Hobbes’s word, acceleration of the pulse. Gento could have run the band, but running the band dancing is up to Vinicius. If Vinicius will be different (the differential fact that the Catalan cloth is!) That in Barcelona they are selling that Vinicius was a culé.

Hurry Vinicius to succeed because, from Qatar, Xavi arrives in the city. Who is Xavi? A Spaniard from Tarrasa, a former brain from Spain. (‘Ex Cervell d’Espanya’). The one who touches her (touch, not play). Football and brain? Santayana, to understand the relationship, had to turn to William James, for whom the human brain has “an organization like creeps.” Equilicuá. The creeps are the Xavian icon for the generation of Spaniards educated in culé playing.

–At Barça we understand football as space-time. Who dominates it? Busquets – Xavi summarized on Twitter.

With Busquets in the space-time of the ‘football’ culé, who is going to watch Vinicius run smiling down the left wing? Those who deprive themselves of joy can hardly wish it on others.

Koeman wants to charge

Koeman, the flagship of Cruyff’s ‘dream team’, was fired by Laporta on the Madrid-Barcelona air bridge, and that Koeman now aspires to collect his contract seems to the Catalans a Madridista rudeness almost at the height of Rafael Nadal lending their support to Benzemá’s candidacy for the Ballon d’Or, when in that race the Catalan influencers have managed to place Pedri, the new phenomenon of the back pass, who left us the monument of the goal to Unai Simón in the European Championship. «Quousque tandem abutere, Ronald, patientia nostra?» (“Fins quan abused our patience, Ronald?”).


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