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The type of entertainment that people expect when traveling and the commitment of the site that hosts them to satisfy their needs must go hand in hand to achieve a satisfactory experience. The startup Atribus is able to foresee what tourists want, how they want it, when they want it and what is their final assessment once their trip is over. The company, which was founded four years ago for another purpose (digital marketing), had its turning point two years ago, when, among other services, it became a very particular social listening tool.

Founded by Michelangelo Cintas, marketing expert, and Juan Carlos Martinez, specialist in the area of ​​technology and linguistics, Atribus has software that analyzes all social networks and the digital press, tracking the information published by users (we are talking about millions of comments). With those data, the startup offers its clients solutions and predictions. While there are other tools for social listening or ‘social listening’, Atribus has managed to recognize tourists, anticipate their demands and acknowledge their concerns. An example of the results of their analyzes would be the conclusion they obtained when analyzing an ‘anonymous’ Spanish city. Using their tool, they found that although the destination was a luxury area and tourists went and “stayed in five-star hotels”, these same visitors considered themselves doing “cultural tourism”, explains the CEO of the company, Miguel Angel Ribbons. This means that there was an opportunity for that destination to bet on offering a greater variety of services and cultural events, which was what really interested visitors. The company offers this type of service to Segittur, Tourism of Tenerife and Tourism of the Valencian Community.

Its solution is the only one of its kind capable of “geolocating” information. “Our analysis can tell us what the tourist thinks before reaching their destination, how they behaved there and what is the perception with which they are left once they have left their country of origin”, explains the CEO of Atribus. This kind of information is what allows destinations to know what difficulties the tourist encountered and what are the points to improve in each market depending on the nationality of the visitor.

The Spanish startup, backed by Juan Roig’s accelerator, took two years and around one and a half million euros to develop this technology. Now they plan to carry out a ‘series A’ financing round to find new markets, especially in Latin America, where Atribus already has a presence in Colombia and Mexico.

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