The Government is now warning about the deficit of coronavirus vaccines that Pedro Cavadas warned about




“Pedro Cavadas is a genius in his specialty, but possibly in the process of producing a vaccine he is not so hardened.” The president of the Spanish Association of Vaccination, Amos Garcia Rojas, questioned the statements of Pedro Cavadas placeholder image When, just a year ago, he warned of the risks of vaccines against the coronavirus and that the remedy to eradicate Covid-19 would reach rich countries first but would take time to spread to the entire world population.

Twelve months later, the facts have proved the Valencian surgeon right. International organizations such as the HIM-HER-IT o la World Health Organization (WHO) confirm that the distribution of the doses of the vaccine against the coronavirus It has been so unequal that a large part of the planet’s inhabitants is still not immunized when in developed countries such as Spain, ninety percent of the so-called target population has already received the complete guideline, which includes those over twelve years of age.

In October 2020 Pedro Cavadas placeholder image He warned that “first the rich part of the world population will be vaccinated and until the 5,000 or 6,000 million people in the world are vaccinated, years will pass.” The surgeon, who also warned that coronavirus vaccines could cause adverse health effects, suffered a public lynching.

Pedro Cavadas placeholder image He was again accused of being an “alarmist” and a “propagator of hoaxes” as in January 2020, when he predicted the “dangerousness” of the coronavirus and was harshly criticized by medical colleagues and the media.

A year later, the UN describes the inequality in the distribution of vaccines that it foreshadowed as a “tragedy” Pedro Cavadas placeholder image, a doctor who knows first-hand the reality of poor countries in Africa such as Tanzania O Kenya, where he has developed his humiliating work for years, which the coronavirus crisis has forced him to interrupt.

The WHO a goal was set for 40% of the population in each country to be vaccinated against the coronavirus before the end of 2021 and seven out of ten inhabitants are immunized against the pandemic by the middle of next year. An ambitious challenge, since in many countries they have not received a single dose. A situation that, as Pedro Cavadas warned, prevents eradicating a pandemic that continues to claim 50,000 deaths a week.

Image of the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias
Image of the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias – EFE

In this regard, the last to subscribe to the thesis that they cry out for the extension of the vaccine against Covid-19 has been the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias.

The representative of the Spanish Government insisted on the Joint Meeting of Ministers of Health and Finance of the G20 It has been held in Rome that States have “a political and moral obligation to meet the global vaccination objectives of the World Health Organization.”

In that line, Carolina Darias has defended the need to ensure that 70 percent of the world population has the complete vaccination schedule against Covid-19 by mid-2022.

For this reason, and in order to recover “the long-awaited normalcy” as soon as possible, it has encouraged all the G20 countries to continue insisting on their vaccination campaigns against the coronavirus, because “it means saving lives and economic recovery.”

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