Three short meditations to remember our loved ones

Your family, your partner, your friends and all those people that you have decided to be part of your life. They love you and accept you as you are and now that encounters or reunions are more frequent than a year and a half ago, when we were in the midst of a pandemic, it is convenient to be aware of the importance of taking care of our ties of love and friendship, those that they bind us to presence and consciousness. We let ourselves be guided by the psychologist Belén Colomina, an expert in mindfulness, who in these three sessions of guided meditation proposes different formulas to protect these ties.

There are many ways to be couple and all of them are valid if they make us feel cared for, cared for and loved.

If they make you feel empty, jealous, or dependent, something is not working right. The couple has to be that person who joins your way, in your increase and development. Your partner is the person who accompanies you in life and, like any good companion, your walk together must be based on mutual respect. Give and take from both sides and together with safe operation. That operation that lets you know that, even in your vulnerability, on that atrocious day when you are sick, he or she will be your refuge, that person you can count on to support you, who will know how to understand you and love you in all your facets. No costumes.

So gently close your eyes that I accompany you in this guided meditation in which we train ourselves to learn to strengthen the relationship as a couple.

How to take care of friendship

We have spent time without the proximity of our people, we have delayed encounters and we have seen how important it is to take care of these relationships. Now that there is more mobility, it is very likely that we will reconnect with our loved ones.

This meditation allows us to cultivate the love and the presence with the people we appreciate and love. In this way we prepare ourselves to regain contact with love and renewed illusions.

With the people we love, it is important to practice active listening, and for that, it is necessary to be present and available to them. In addition, it is necessary to appreciate and value how important they are to us, so that affection and good intentions can flow between us.

How to rebuild the family

Do we dedicate quality time and warmth to those we love the most? Sometimes the urgent substitutes and absorbs the time of what really matters to us. We value the moments shared with those we love the most, with the people who really contribute to add to our lives, but we don’t always dedicate the time we want to them. Being aware of all that these relationships add up to in our life will be important to take care of them; It will allow us to dedicate quality time to them.

And as the meditation can help you in this, we invite you to train it every day, not only from the meditation cushion but at every moment. Knowing how to take care of them, feel them and take care of them in every little opportunity that the days give us. Because the moments do not return and we believe in treasuring the great encounters.

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