“We have had to leave the Spanish educational system”



The San Francisco de Paula.

It is a great family.

Public money.

We had the price aid between 1977 and 1984. It was grudgingly requested – many parents asked for it.

They gave it up. Why?

Because the school was sinking.

People and not walls.

The EGB that the administration raised was deficient. My father, the former head of the school, went to the ministry and was told to fire our teachers and hire younger ones. My father replied that a school is not its walls but its people.


The problem is that the law is not being followed. The government does not pay enough and the schools charge parents without being able to do so. Besides a failure, it is unfair competition.

Even during the war and the Franco regime, you accepted professors from both sides on the sole condition that they leave their ideology out of the classroom.

Pedagogy is a science. You have to take care of children so that they develop and not indoctrinate them.

Children. Between personal suffering and the propaganda of the left.

In our school we always put the person first. And more if he suffers. Our mission is for everyone to find their way.

But there is an ideological charge.

In adults, but not in adolescents. They don’t think about politics but about how they feel.

It is a secular school. Can you live in Spain, and in Seville, without understanding Catholic culture?

You have to understand the Catholic culture. And the other ones. Our students are going to interact with people from all over the world and they have to be able to understand reality from different points of view in order to work together and reach agreements.

You have previously said that a school is not its walls, but yours remains in its founding headquarters, in a 17th century building, in the historic center of Seville.

The fundamental thing is the people, always. That said, when you visit Oxford and Cambridge you realize that the British have been building palaces of knowledge for centuries. We give our students careful attention in a caring environment. The human being is attracted to beauty.

How is your school’s educational offer unique?

In that we are aware that the young children who start today will be the professionals of 2040, and we prepare them for that, not for today, because our tradition is progress. Also in a quantity of human and material resources that you will not find in any other school in Spain.

The Education law.

They are all identical and misapplied. After 130 years of history, we have had no choice but to get out of the Spanish educational system.


We have become a foreign center to be able to hire teachers who can teach the pedagogy that we think children need. As long as the administration is concerned only with the formal requirements and not with how the pedagogy works, we will not go well.

We have never gone well.

Amalia Gómez, former president of the PP in Seville, told me: “I have not met any president who takes education seriously.”

Why do you think this is so?

Because education has to be thought for 20 years. No to 4. It is a State issue and it is not addressed that way.

And the Selectivity?

Our students get very high marks. But, unlike the international baccalaureate, it is poorly conceived, poorly executed, and serves no real purpose. See the case of English.

The mobiles.

We do not prohibit them. What’s more, we use them in class as a work tool. The mobiles are there and they will stay. What is the use of banning them? We have to teach how to use them well and warn of the dangers.

The debate between the lecture and capacity development.

For me it is crystalline: life expectancy increases and what has been learned in school is quantitatively less. The student must be taught to continue learning. Furthermore, what is learned in school, and everywhere else, is less relevant if it is focused on facts and data.


See them


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