9 out of 10 offenses in Castilla y León are committed by them




Men are behind nine out of ten crimes against road safety that are committed in Castilla y León. Last year the Civil Guard detained or investigated 1,535 drivers in the Community, of which only 133, 8.7 percent, were women, picks up Ical. This percentage is lower than the national average, which was 9.3 percent, given that of the 19,006 crimes in total, 1,772 were committed by women.

Also, after four years of consecutive rises, Last year the Community registered a 25.9 percent drop in serious offenses compared to 2019, from 2,072 to 1,535, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior. This is the lowest level in the last decade, below the 1,696 crimes recorded in 2016.

Nevertheless, this decline must be framed in the context of the Covid pandemic and mobility limitations, which caused a 26 percent drop in long-distance trips in the Community, a decrease that reached 37.1 percent on weekends and affected more cars and vans (-30 , 9 percent) than heavy vehicles (-6 percent).

Despite awareness campaigns and increased controls by the Civil Guard, positives for alcohol and drugs continue to be the leading cause of crime and last year they left 712 detainees, representing 46.4 percent of the total, compared to 49.1 percent last year. In this case, men accumulate 91.5 percent (652) of the crimes.

The second cause, as in recent years, was driving without having obtained the permit or for doing so having exhausted all the points of the license. In this case, 586 imputations were recorded, representing 38.2 percent, more than two points than last year. For its part, Speeding only accounts for 0.7 percent of arrests. Last year 17 were counted, the same as a year before, and all were for men.

Gender roles

For the sociologist Ángel Martín, member of the Professional Association of Sociology of Castilla y León (Socyl), Behind these data are the socialization of gender roles that operate in society, and for which qualities such as courage, daring or risk are presupposed for men, and for women others such as prudence or their role as “caregiver of all.”

For Martín, although it is not the only reason for this reckless behavior at the wheel by men, This socialization of gender roles is also clearly reflected in advertising from major car manufacturers. Thus, as he explains, while there are advertisements aimed at men in which the speed and power of the vehicle prevail, in the case of women other qualities such as safety are valued.

By provinces, León led with 335 defendants, ahead of Valladolid (252), Burgos (203) and Salamanca (147). At the opposite extreme is Soria, with 77 detainees, followed by Palencia and Zamora, both with 105, Ávila (147), Segovia (154) and Segovia (157).

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