Cádiz can be the same as Jerez is with motorcycles

Jerez (Cádiz)



The city of Cádiz has a lot of history, it is not for nothing that it is considered the oldest city in Europe, founded by the Phoenicians around 1100 BC.

It is located in a strategic enclave that allows you to have control of the entire bay. But Cádiz is a city that you can get a lot of juice from. Beyond the Carnival and the football team, he can give much more of himself, and the SailGP event, which was played a few weeks ago, has shown what he can be capable of, if he sets his mind to it.

Cádiz looks at the sea from all four sides, but it seems that until now it had not been known to take advantage of sports

what’s wrong with it. It is true that his yacht club, chaired by Rafael Ponce, has one of the most important Snipe fleets in Spain. There are Jaime Parga and company, who manage to keep the flame alive.

But an event like SailGP had to come for them to realize that here if you want, you can. It is true that to achieve this, all the institutions, the Board, the Provincial Council and the City Council have gone hand in hand; And the surprisingly positive thing is that for once, they have forgotten that all three are of different political colors, and they have gone to one to make the SailGP event a success. And boy has it been!

At the level of the America’s Cup in Valencia and the Volvo Ocean Race in Alicante, a sailing event, such as SailGP, has been able to mobilize an entire country.

There were people coming from all over Andalusia, Madrid, Galicia, Valencia, Catalonia… all to see this regatta in situ, which is still a spectacle and can be seen from the mainland. Later, you will more or less like the nomenclature that the organization uses, but this is another story.

And compared to the province, Jerez is undoubtedly the cathedral of motorcycling, there is Dorna that organizes. And it does it exactly the same as SailGP, with money from the Board, the Provincial Council and the City Council. There is the key.

Well, if the whole province is delighted with motorcycles, the same thing can happen with sailing. In Cádiz there were no beds available during the days of the regatta, as there are not in Jerez when there is a MotoGP Grand Prix.

Cádiz has proven to be up to the task and, for now, the institutions as well. Let’s not lose the opportunity. Even Kichi has realized this and as this newspaper advanced, the mayor wants Cádiz to be the permanent headquarters of SailGP.

We have made some progress and we hope that, although the 2022 event has already been signed, the organization realizes that it is the ideal place.

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