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Original, different, fun, sophisticated, flashy, bohemian … There are ‘piercings’ for all tastes. In different materials, with precious stones, different formats and almost anywhere on the ear, this type of earrings has become popular in recent seasons by the hand of ‘influencers’ and fashion prescribers, who have pierced their ears in almost everything format type. And it is that as a result of this trend, they have arisen infinity of new names and positions, beyond the classic lobe.

Different types of earrings in the ear
Different types of earrings in the ear

Infinite combinations and possibilities of rings almost in every millimeter of the ear. «We have almost 20 types of piercing, depending on the anatomy of each person: Helix, tragus, dilations, lobes (which we would differentiate with upper, stack or lobe), daith, industrial, scapha, flat rook, faux rook, snug, faux snug, conch, outer conch, antihelix, forward helix, superficial tragus…», Explains David Aznar, ‘piercer’ from Aristocrazy, the well-known jewelry chain that among its offer is committed to taking the fashion of ‘piercings’ one step further with very interesting proposals, space to do them in many of its boutiques and even a ‘piercing truck’ that has been traveling the roads of Spain since September and will act as a mobile ringing studio in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

The big favorites

The different types of ear piercing and their names
The different types of ear piercing and their names – © Aristocrazy

As the expert comments, there are more than 20 possibilities to perform a ‘piercing’ in the ear, being the Lobe, Helix and Tragus the most demanded. In the case of the Helix (cartilage area) it is one of the most requested, to which the expert explains: «Many people do it thinking that it is a good way to start with cartilage, but it is true that a conch or a tragus will heal better Since the area in which they are piercings are less exposed to blows, snags and pressure ”. As for trends, it is difficult to establish them, since it is a fashion that has been established for years and each client bets according to their tastes and needs. While if we talk about areas, the Aristocrazy bander anticipates that the ‘piercings’ in the eyebrow will return.

When getting a ‘piercing’ you have to take into account different factors. From choosing a place of trust, to the technique and materials of the earrings that are going to be used: “You do not necessarily have to work with solid 18 kt gold and diamonds as in Aristocrazy, but you should work with titanium and aseptic technique”explains the expert. It should also be taken into account that it is a long-lasting wound and it will take months (from 4 to 12, depending on the perforation and each case must always be individualized) to get the ‘piercing’ to stabilize. «So one of the best treatments for a piercing is patience, along with hygiene and following the recommendations of our trusted ‘piercer’. […] Sleeping and eating well, along with drinking plenty of water, will help your piercing heal better, since your immune system will be in better condition, “he explains. David aznar.

The 7 most frequent doubts

What care must be taken?

1. Do not touch the piercing “never again”.

2. Keep your piercing clean and dry.

These two are the phrases you’ll hear the most from any piercer, along with the phrase “don’t use antiseptics or antibiotics if you don’t have to,” says David. “In this sense, both pharmacists and doctors sometimes prescribe them and it is not always positive or it solves the problem, since the adjustment that must be made is different.”

How long does it take to heal?

From 3-4 months in the case of a lobe and between 8-12 months in the case of cartilage or navel.

Can multiple piercings be done at the same time?

A maximum of 3 piercings are recommended at a time and always better if they are on the same side in the case of the ears.

What are the most and least painful areas?

The pain is very relative and varies greatly depending on who and how the ‘piercing’ is done. “Our job as professionals is to do as little damage as possible ensuring the best possible healing,” says the expert. That said, the lobe can be one of the least painful and one of the most easily scarred; whereas a ‘rook’ or a ‘daith’ can hurt more and take longer to settle.

Can I put any earrings?

This answer is resounding for the expert: NO. Neither by materials nor by the shape of the piercing. In Spain the material that can be used is Biocompatible Titanium or implant grade, solid gold of 14kts or 18kts, and although it is accepted by health, 316 steel is not ideal but it is used because it is allowed.

When can I change the first earring?

The recommendation is to wait between 3 and 4 months to change the jewel, but it should always be the ‘piercer’ who decides when the time is based on how the piercing is healing, as well as if the material and shape of the jewel may not be recommended even after a year. The placement of rings can be studied from the fourth month, but the expert recommends waiting between 6 and 8 months to place them.

What if I regret having done it?

It is as simple as removing it always going to the expert who performed it, he will advise you what you should do depending on how long it has been since you performed the piercing. The only thing that will remain will be a mark, greater or lesser, depending on how long you have had the jewel in place.

A ‘piercing truck’ in Spain

Aristocrazy's 'piercing truck'
Aristocrazy’s ‘piercing truck’ – © Nerea Garro

Jewelery firms like Aristocrazy They have recently become a pioneer of ‘jewel piercing’ in Spain, showing their determination to defend the democratization of high jewelry, bringing exclusive designs with which to follow the latest trends. Betting on initiatives such as its ‘piercing truck’, offering an experience based on the purchase of the ‘piercing’ for the first time and the free performance of the banding It will be done with a needle, a more hygienic process than the gun, since it implies a lower risk of infection, as well as being more precise and much less aggressive and painful. Whoever wishes, can enjoy his most avant-garde creations for the ear and nose with a wide range of ‘piercing’ first time jewels, with or without 18 kt diamonds set by hand.

The journey of this ‘piercing truck’ started on September 30 at the mall Westfield La Maquinista in Barcelona, where it will be until October 9, to then go to the mall Moraleja Green of Madrid (from October 15 to 24), to The English Court of Pozuelo (from October 29 to November 7), to the shopping center Bonaire of Valencia (from November 11 to 20) and to the shopping center Palo Alto of Barcelona (weekend of December 4).

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