Halloween night ends with 32 arrests and several bottles in the Valencian Community




The special device deployed by the National Police in the Halloween night in the Valencian Community has thrown a balance of 32 detainees, with several bottles dissolved and an intervention for a fight in Castellón.

The Government delegate in the Valencian Community, Gloria Calero, thanked this Monday for the police work during the Todos los Santos bridge, which has concluded “without major incidents” in most towns of the Valencian Community, where during the night the agents have detained 32 people for different criminal acts.

Specifically, the members of the National Police have arrested one person overnight in Castellón, 10 in Valencia and 21 in Alicante, as specified by the Government Delegation in a statement.

In the Valencia city, the largest influx of people has been detected in the Plaza del Tossal. Meanwhile, in the Plaza del Cedro, Blasco Ibáñez and Plaza Honduras the influx has been “normal.” The policemen were distributed to provide support in the areas that required it, mainly in the downtown area (Plaza del Tossal), and they intervened in several fights in nightclubs in the Marítim and Avenida del Cid areas.

In addition, various minutes were drawn up by do not wear masks, consumption alcohol on the street, consumption drugs, bring knives and lack of respect for authority.

For its part, Valencia Local Police detained five people on the device for Halloween night, two for domestic violence, one for gender violence, one person for robbery with violence and another for a crime against road safety, as detailed by the City Council.


He also took part in a concentration of people that occurred in the vicinity of the general cemetery, as well as in a brawl in the vicinity of a leisure center located in the Marina. Two men were attacked with a knife in Garrigues street, the author or authors of the attack are still unknown. Likewise, local police officers denounced 9 establishments for failing to comply with the sanitary measures in force.

The Local Police of Valencia has also intervened in Benimaclet, where a record for noise pollution has been made; in the Plaza del Carmen, where the agents have avoided a bottle, and in the Navy, where five complaints have been filed for breaching the General Traffic Regulations.

In the Plaza de la Virgen, the municipal system has raised three records for alcohol consumption and one for noise pollution, while in the Plaza de Honduras the agents have identified five people and have drawn up two records for noise pollution. In Cruz Covered, they have avoided another bottle and treated a woman for alcohol poisoning.

Likewise, it has intervened in other locations in the city such as the downtown area, where four records have been filed for drugs; Avenida de Aragón, with two bottles reported and 150 people evicted; Sweden Avenue, where 50 people have been evicted; and in the Congress Palace, Poeta Durán street, Ruaya street or Milagrosa street, where they have also intervened to evict groups of people.

The Councilor for Citizen Protection, Aaron Cano, explained that the special device of the Local Police of Valencia together with the National Police “mobilized more than 400 agents“And” has avoided the concentration of people and bottles in various parts of the city.

“This year’s one, reminds us of Halloween two years ago, before the pandemic,” said the mayor, who believes that “the device has responded to the challenge that is always tonight.” “The balance is that of a night like other Halloween but we must reflect on what is happening tonight with alcohol consumption,” he said, while regretting that certain people convert Halloween on a pretext to “do things they don’t do the rest of the year.” “In any case, it has been a busy but controlled night,” he added.

In total, the local police stations in the province of Valencia recorded 56 minutes for different infractions, as reported to the Government Delegation.

In Castellón, the Police intervened in a knife fight with minor injuries in the surroundings of a disco and the aggressor was arrested.

Finally, in Alicante, the Police detected a large influx of people in the streets but no bottle was intervened. A total of 10 establishments have been inspected.

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