Real Madrid places Hazard on the market



A club like Real Madrid can wait for a star for a year, two, but if the third does not work, for whatever reason, due to serious injuries that have curtailed his career, as is the case of Eden Hazard, it cannot Continue like this. Has participated in 53 matches in 27 months, an average of two meetings per month. If we count the minutes, because many times he entered the second half, he has added 32 real games. You have to make decisions. And Ancelotti has actually taken them. The Belgian figure is a luxury substitute at the club and this situation contrasts with his high annual record, the highest in the squad, together with Bale, twelve million euros net per campaign, not counting bonuses. His clause is close to 300 million.

The persistent absence of Hazard in the eleven has allowed the explosion of Vinicius, who has received for three seasons the continuity that every young talent yearns for and which is so difficult to enjoy in a team like Madrid. The Brazilian has had it and has earned the title he holds today on his own merits. A myth, Francisco Gento, lived a similar truth since 1953, coming from Racing de Santander, and established himself as a winger of universal stature. Today, Vinicius plugs Hazard’s options, who is a luxury substitute. And the Belgian also has Rodrygo and Marco Asensio ahead on the right flank of the attack, the other tactical possibility that Carlo Ancelotti analyzed to find the man who three years ago was the world “top five”.

The player cost 155 million, receives a net twelve million plus bonuses per season and his situation is not pleasant neither for him, who wants to be the leader of a team, nor for Real Madrid, which made a huge financial effort to hire him

His physical condition, affected by the surgical operations on the fibula, does not advise that he be granted two full consecutive matches, according to the medical report that Ancelotti has. You have to graduate your minutes. Regulate it. That does not exceed 70 minutes per meeting. And to the third take half an hour in the second half. The result of this situation is that Hazard has a difficult time being a regular Real Madrid starter in his third season with the company. In this tirade, her role as a star fades. And it is on the market. If the footballer wants to leave in two months, in January, to find in another team the prominence that he does not receive here, the white house will not object. And if you want to wait until the end of the season to go to another club in July, you will not have problems from the entity that pays you so many millions every year.

The player knows his reality, which is stark. Right now he is the last in line in the Madrid attack. Ancelotti highlights that the ideal system for his team idea is 4-3-3 and in that scheme he has Vinicius, Rodrygo and Asensio ahead. We see it against Elche and Osasuna. The same has happened in previous games. He was only a starter in the season premiere, when Ancelotti placed Bale, Benzema and Hazard on the offensive line. That lasted a spasm. Vinicius relieved the Belgian in the second parts, until he took over the position. “Hazard’s problem is that I have chosen other players right now.” The truth is raw, yes.

Eden, as they call it in the white kitchen, is in the market. It is transferable. It is for sale. Ancelotti has shown him that he is the last in line. The third party in the decisions to be the owner on the right (Rodrygo and Asensio) and the second to play on the left, after Vinicius, and these determinations of the coach make it clear that he has no place in the team and that the best thing for him is to find another club. The facts prove things without saying them. This third year was the decisive one to make a determination about his future and his performance reveals that he cannot continue like this at Real Madrid. He knows it himself.

Eden himself reflects, affirms that he likes to be a protagonist in his team and lead the attack. When he values ​​that he is not important in that group, for whatever vicissitudes, such as his constant injuries, «He does not like to be a comparsa and in those situations he prefers look for another team where it can be ». People who know him well say it. He is a leader and at Real Madrid he is not. You don’t like this reality. He wants to be in a place that gives him the handle of the attack, as he had in England. Today it does not.

In this situation, several Premier companies, including its dear Chelsea, study your recruitment. If they dialogue with Real Madrid, they will have no problem. It all depends on what Hazard wants. If you intend to leave in this winter market or if you prefer to wait for July. Ancelotti has said it clearly and to a good understanding few words are needed: “If a footballer wants to leave, I never stopped him.” That message is addressed to Hazard, Bale, Isco, Ceballos, Jovic and Mariano Díaz Mejía, who broke his nose for Real Madrid in Elche.

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