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The League of television audiences is still tight on the head. Telecinco regained command in October, without having any broadcast among the ten most viewed, paradoxically led by The 1 Thanks to the UEFA Nations League, which served TVE to recover some of the lost ground, although the public chain equals in third position with the themes of payment, which reach their all-time high. As for Antenna 3, was down half a point from the previous month, but was up almost a whole point compared to October last year. In general, everyone is happy, like the political parties in the elections.

Continuing with the football simile, the title is still a matter of two: according to the report of Barlovento Communication made from data from Kantar Media, Telecinco improved six tenths in a month and, without reaching the records of last year, led October with 14.4% of screen share.

Antena 3 was second with 13.7%. The Atresmedia chain could not maintain the speed tip at the start of the season, but it improved nine tenths compared to October 2019 and continues to boast of control of the news.

The third position is shared by Payment topics and La 1 with 9.1%. The first ones do not stop growing and La 1 seems to have stopped the bleeding. It gained four tenths compared to the previous month and two if compared to the previous year.


Then follow the autonomic (8.3%), which decreased slightly, The sixth (6,4%), Four (5,1%), The 2 (2,8%), Fiction Factory (2.5%) and Nova (2,4%).

By profiles, Telecinco leads among women and in viewers from 13 to 64 years old, while Antena 3 is the most watched channel in men and over 64 years old, according to Barlovento. For its part, the set of paid themes is the leading option among children from 4 to 12 years old.

By regions, Telecinco is the leader in Andalusia, the Basque Country, Galicia, Madrid and the Canary Islands. Antena 3 dominates in Valencia, Castilla la Mancha, Aragon, Balearic Islands, Murcia and Castilla y León. Payment Themes are strong in Asturias. TV3, as is traditional, is the only autonomous community that wins in its autonomous community, in this case Catalonia.

By time slots, Telecinco wins in the morning, afternoon and ‘late night’, while Antena 3 leads the after-dinner and prime time and paid Themes are the most viewed option at dawn.

By days of the weekTelecinco is imposed from Tuesday to Thursday and on weekends, while Antena3 is strong on Monday and Friday.


Little has moved the positions in the battle between the news of the great chains. Antena 3 maintains its dominance with 20%, in the weighted average from Monday to Friday and after dinner and night. The data is identical to that of September. Telecinco is second, although it improves one tenth and reaches 14.5%. And third are the Telediarios de La 1, which nevertheless record the biggest climb, going from 10.4 to 10.9%, still too far to compete but somewhat recovered. Adding the channel 24 Hours, they reach 11.7%. La Sexta repeats in 8.9%. All improve by thousands of viewers, on the other hand, in a month of greater information consumption.

On the other hand, general television consumption fell significantly in October, which is still a good sign if we think about the pandemic, which does not justify all the drop. The Spanish saw a average of three hours and 19 minutes per day in October, which represents a decrease of 33 minutes a day compared to October 2020. It is more significant to know that it was the month of October with the lowest consumption in history.

Those who spent the most time in front of the television were the women (3 hours and 35 minutes of daily average) and the over 64 years old (5 hours and 54 minutes). The average of 3 hours and 19 minutes is that of the entire census population, which includes those who do not even have a television, but if the data of the viewers who turn on the device every day are analyzed, almost 30 million people (65.2% of the population), daily consumption is 5 hours and 5 minutes a day. Of course, they are 24 minutes less than in October of last year.

In total, 43.6 million people, 95.5% of Spaniards over 4 years old, watched television for at least one minute last month. Seen from the other side, of the 45.7 million potential viewers as a consumer universe, 2,060,000 people did not watch television or in shop windows. The ‘phones’, as Barlovento calls them, they suppose the 4.5% of the total.

Other uses of the TV

Despite these decreases, the devices are in good health and the time of use for other alternative activities continues to rise, month by month. In October they were 29 minutes per person per day to consult the internet or television by ‘streaming’, watch programs through reproduction devices or use the television to play or listen to the radio.

By groups, Mediaset maintains the first position, with seven channels in broadcast, with a 27.8% share in October, after rising four tenths. Atresmedia, with one less chain, is second with 27.1% (-0.2). RTVE, with five channels in broadcast, gets 14.5%. Vocento registered 2.4% (+0.1) and Unidad Editorial, 2.7% (-0.2). Mediaset and Atresmedia concentrate 54.9% of the audience market. Private television, on the other hand, dominates with 70.6% screen share (+0.2) over public television, which signs 22.9% (-0.2).

Between the autonomic, which lost three tenths, Canarian television (13.1%) was about to steal first place from TV3 (13.2). Among those that rose, Aragón TV (10.8%, +0.5), TVG (9.5%, +0.4), TPA (8.2%, +0.2), Extremadura TV (5 , 8%, +0.2) and Telemadrid (4.9, +0.3).

The Payment topics, which achieved their monthly historical maximum with 9.1%, for their part, maintain this internal classification: Movistar Liga, FOX, AXN, Calle 13, TNT, Comedy Central, Hollywood Channel, AXN White, # 0, National Geographic and Discovery .

Most viewed broadcasts

Once again, the most watched broadcast of the month corresponded to a soccer game. In this case it was the UEFA Nations League final between Spain and France, played on October 10, which was seen by 6,427,000 viewers (42.1%) in La 1. The second most watched was the match Italy-Spain, with 4.7 million and 31%.

Apart from the post-game of the final, the rest of the most watched broadcasts correspond to the Antena 3 news programs, which show an overwhelming dominance. By genre, the film most watched was ‘2 guns’, in La 1. La serie with more audience is ‘ACI: High Intellectual Capacity’ in Antena 3, ‘El hormiguero’ won with the visit of Bertín Osborne in programs of entertainment and ‘The Simpsons’ (Neox) are unrivaled in the realm of Cartoon.

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