The best places to see the most beautiful sunsets in Madrid



Madrid is a city of beautiful sunsets, especially now in autumn. It has been said that his skies are Velazqueños, because he was the one who best painted them. There are viewpoints in the tall buildings: the dome of the Almudena Cathedral, the El Corte Inglés building in Callao, the Bellas Artes rooftop, the terrace of the Riu hotel (in the Plaza de España), the Emperador hotel (in the Gran Vía), the viewpoint of the Palacio de Cibeles. But the best views are found where you can see the landscape, almost all of the Casa de Campo and the Parque del Oeste, which are also free and there is no capacity. Madrid is the European capital with the most trees. The Little Prince of Saint Exupery used to say: “When one is sad, they like sunsets.” Many at that time try to catch the sun with their hand.


  1. Gardens of the Vistillas

    Sunset from the gardens of Las Vistillas
    Sunset from the gardens of Las Vistillas – Caesar Justel

    When Alfonso VI conquered what was then Magerit, he allowed the Muslims to remain on the outskirts of the wall on the Cerro de las Vistillas, which became a Mozarabic neighborhood (street names like Morería remember it). Next to the Viaduct, with views of the Manzanares and the Casa de Campo, it was a traditional neighborhood, for which the statue of La Violetera is there for a reason.

  2. Rose Garden of San Francisco

    The dream of San Isidro, in the gardens of San Francisco
    The dream of San Isidro, in the gardens of San Francisco – Caesar Justel

    Next to San Francisco el Grande, the best view is from the statue of San Isidro Dormido, the work of Santiago Costa, which became the desire of the workers. Rest while the angel does his work and plows the fields for him. The patron of Madrid, in full rest, is the only one there who does not see the sunset. When the Gardens were inaugurated in 2007, they were a dalieda, but since their flowering period was very short, there are now more rose bushes.

  3. Temple of Debod

    Sunset at the Temple of Debod, in Madrid
    Sunset at the Temple of Debod, in Madrid – Maya Balanya

    On what was Cuartel de la Montaña – next to the Plaza de España – the ruins of the Egyptian Temple of Debod were located where the sun and its stones were worshiped (from the second century AD) and, as thousands of years ago years, it receives the last rays at sunset. A very popular place where the police watch over so that bottles do not take place afterwards, which is difficult to avoid on weekends. The temple was donated to Spain by the Egyptian government to prevent it from being flooded after the construction of the great Aswan Dam.

  4. La Almudena viewpoint

    Sunset from the Almudena Cathedral
    Sunset from the Almudena Cathedral – Inma Flores

    Between the royalty (the palace) and the Church (the cathedral) is this recently opened viewpoint with gates that close as soon as the sunset ends. Then the lights of the Cathedral are turned on, which are also a spectacle.

  5. The tits of Cerro del Tío Pío

    Sunsets from Las Tetas de Vallecas
    Sunsets from Las Tetas de Vallecas – Caesar Justel

    Located on the Puente de Vallecas are seven small hills that are filled with people who go to have a picnic on the meadow every evening. From them you can surely enjoy the best panoramic views of the city of Madrid. Seeing the landscape resting on a tit is more than symbolic, seeing how the shadows lengthen on the grass until they disappear. People lived in caves there until that Pio, who was a scrap dealer, in 1916 built the first shack. Today it is a park.

  6. Madrid Rio

    Bordering the Manzanares in an enabled walk of more than six kilometers to recover the banks of the river. There are several places to contemplate the sunset and due to its extension it can be done calmly, without people around. The best entrance is from the Puente del Rey in Príncipe Pío.

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