The photo that Caballero denied González Formoso



The night at the O Pino headquarters was marked by a tense calm. Inside the offices, the ‘gonzalismo’ was digesting the defeat with the dropper of the results of the groups. Long faces of those related to the secretary general, who saw their ‘baraka’ exhausted. With the data official (one hour after the official date), we still had to wait for the loser to assume his defeat. And the grotesque began.

His loyalists were parading in procession to the stage of the press room, and singing the ‘Bella Ciao’ they received their leader, who drew a smile in the defeat that presaged a display of sportsmanship. «I love the primaries»,

«Our challenge is to strengthen the PSdeG», “I’m going to keep rowing.” He dodged the darts of the press, always showering in search of the tickles when one does not feel like joking, and he went to his office still in the bowels of the headquarters.

And with these came Valentine. If the ‘gonzalistas’ fit crammed on stage, those related to Formoso filled the entire press room. Victory arouses more enthusiasm than defeat. Very short speech and, on his way out, someone posed a photo between the outgoing and incoming secretary, a handshake that it symbolized the internal normality of a party, and banished that malicious cliché that these processes leave open wounds, as Luis Ojea explained in these pages yesterday.

One, two, three and even four times a prominent leader of ‘valentinismo’ entered the office area to invite Caballero to participate in the moment, not to feed the creation of fronts. And four o’clock received a negative. Caballero refused to greet his substitute, to acknowledge with a simple gesture – he did so by word of mouth during his speech, yes – that the witness belonged to another. He preferred to hide, stealing from Formoso a photo of his triumph, which is not his but that of 60% of the PSdeG membership.

This ugly gesture, inappropriate for someone who sold sportsmanship and fair play in defeat shortly before, can have many readings. Almost the most good-natured may be that Caballero had not foreseen a result like this and needed time and solitude to process it. But if so, he would not have placed a few close ones in armored positions for five years, as he did with a close associate on the CRTVG council. I mean, what this bump was going through his head.

Now the question of ‘valentinismo’ is if this cowardice, if this encastillación of Caballero and his mariachis – who threaten to screw themselves in their seats until the end of the legislature – is exclusive to them or, on the contrary, extends to that 40% of the party who thought Gonzalo deserved a new opportunity. Because if this is the second, in the end it will turn out that Luis Ojea was right.

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