Who controls the money of the sport?




The Minister of Culture and Sports, Miguel Iceta, the one who does not know what a gym is and much less where the elite sport of Spain is located, together with the President of the Higher Sports Council, José Manuel Franco, another that the most rounded What you have seen is a post office letter, they have announced with great fanfare that they are going to inject more millions of euros than in their entire history into Spanish sport.

The presidents of the national federations are already rubbing their hands because they think that each of their federations will be awarded a considerable amount of money, some to manage it for the Paris 2024 Games, and the others, the

not Olympians to live a little more affluent.

All of this is very good if it were not because, as is customary in this government presided over by the “genius” Sánchez, he wants to use this ad to win over the votes of the world of sports.

We are very chastened to see how sports money is wasted and, despite the fact that at certain times the UDEF reports on the Taekwondo federation and its president Jesús Castellanos; what happened in the Volleyball Federation; the one of the one of Basketball, of which we continue hoping to know what happened to the money that its ex-president and his son squandered; We requested the expenses of the president of the COE in writing and they answered us that they were included in the general expenses, which means that he spends without control; and the candle, our candle, that since Gerardo Pombo left, three presidents have passed and none have clarified where the money from the Fundación Vela is …

Sports monies have never been audited by anyone. Much cackling the CSD that controls the federations, but the reality is that many are true chringuitos.

Currently, the COE owes some debts to some Olympic federations because it says it has no money to pay. So what has the money from the past Olympic cycle been spent on? He was unable to invite anyone to go to Tokyo because it was forbidden and as far as it is known, apart from feeding the “chiringuitos” that he has set up around him to continue being the king of the armchair, he has had no other expenses than to maintain that palace that is based and that we all pay.

I don’t know how to describe this government because I no longer have qualifications, but what they are trying to do with sport is called full-blown prostitution. Long live Spain and olé!

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