A gang that distributed cocaine on a large scale in Alicante and Villajoyosa falls




The National Police have arrested five people, between 41 and 49 years old, as alleged members of a criminal organization dedicated to the large-scale drug trafficking that distributed large quantities of cocaine in the towns of Alicante and Villajoyosa.

According to the information provided by the Headquarters, among those arrested is one of those investigated as main drug trafficker in the province of Alicante. In total, three searches have been made, one of them in a garage where the agents intervened twenty-two kilograms of cocaine hidden in a sports bag.

Specifically, the gang was allegedly engaged in large-scale drug trafficking and in order to launder drug profits they created renovation business, sale of cars or aesthetics, thanks to which they led a life of luxury, according to the same police sources.

All of them have been charged with a crime of drug trafficking, belonging to a criminal group and money laundering, and they have been made available to the Court of Instruction of the Guard of Alicante and La Vila, of which they have decreed prison for three of them.

The investigation began on a man of Colombian nationality who was dedicated to distributing large amounts of cocaine in the city of Alicante, said individual was the leader of a criminal network who carried out large drug transactions together with other traffickers in the area.

Likewise, each member of the organization had entrusted functions, while the leader had the function of maintaining contacts with important traffickers in the city and was in charge of acquiring large shipments of cocaine, others were those who carried out custody and custody tasks. the substance and distribution functions.

As a result of the surveillance and monitoring carried out by the agents, the dedication of this organization to large-scale drug trafficking and money laundering was evident. In addition, they used their links with other important traffickers in Alicante.

To launder the profits of drug trafficking, the organization had created businesses and companies dedicated to reforms, sale of vehicles and feminine aesthetics, which they used to give a legal tender to the money obtained from the sale of narcotic substances.

Once all the members of the criminal network had been identified, the agents carried out a device that culminated in the arrest of all the accused when they were carrying out a cocaine transaction.

With the arrest of all the components of the organization, of South American origin, three searches were carried out in two homes and a garage, the latter located in Playa de San Juan, where they kept the bulk of the substance and where twenty-two kilos of Cocaine hidden in a gym bag.

Likewise, in the search of the residence of the principal investigated, the agents found bags of «samples» with small doses of different qualities of cocaine, which were provided to important buyers to verify the quality of the substance they intended to acquire, being an essential function of the leader of the organization who was in charge of closing the deals for the sale or acquisition of drugs that later bought or distributed .

In addition to all the seized substance, the agents found in the records a nine-millimeter pistol, cartridges, scales, vacuum packers and more than 2,300 euros in cash, among others.

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