According to the survey: 46 percent of journalists in Hong Kong want to leave the city

Almost half of all journalists working in Hong Kong are considering turning their backs on the Chinese Special Administrative Region.

Hong Kong – In a poll published Friday by the Hong Kong Association of Foreign Correspondents, FCC, 46 percent of journalists surveyed said they were considering leaving the city because press freedom had declined noticeably following the introduction of a controversial security law.

84 percent of those surveyed said that their working conditions had worsened since the law was introduced in July 2020. For fear of legal consequences, 56 percent of journalists have even censored themselves. The results clearly showed that government assurances that Hong Kong journalists would still enjoy the freedom of the press were not enough, said FCC President Keith Richburg.

After sustained demonstrations and calls for more democracy in Hong Kong, the communist leadership in Beijing passed the controversial security law. It targets the pro-democratic opposition and is vaguely directed against activities that Beijing sees as subversive, separatist, terrorist or conspiratorial. More than 100 activists have been arrested or awaiting trial.

In June, the pro-democracy newspaper Apple was in Hong Kong
Daily »was discontinued after the tabloid was targeted by authorities for alleged violations of the security law.

Since July 1, 1997, the former British crown colony has belonged to China again and is governed autonomously as a special administrative region. (dpa)

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