At least 69 people died in the terrorist attack in Niger

The government of Niger in West Africa declared two days of national mourning on Friday after terrorists killed at least 69 people in the south-west of the country.

Niamey – Unidentified extremists attacked the village of Banibangou in the Tillabéri region near the border with Mali on Tuesday, the government announced. Numerous people were wounded and several residents were still missing.

A number of armed groups are active in Niger and other countries in the Sahel region. Some have sworn their allegiance to the Al-Qaeda terrorist network or the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia. In Niger, with its around 25 million inhabitants, there are repeated serious attacks, especially in the border regions with Mali. The government has little control in the desert-like expanses outside the cities – which is not only exploited by jihadist groups, but also by criminal networks such as people smugglers. (dpa)

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