Baerbock: Extension of coalition negotiations possible

The Greens chairwoman Annalena Baerbock has admitted differences in the coalition negotiations with the SPD and FDP on climate policy and has not ruled out an extension.

Berlin – “We need a new federal government that achieves change in this country, which not only writes progress on paper, but also solves it in the essential core areas,” she said on Friday in the RBB Inforadio. With a view to the intended coalition agreement, she added: “We cannot yet say when it will be finished, because we do not yet see that we can say that we are finished at central construction sites. This renewal of the country should take effect in the next four years. And now four days more or less do not matter in the talks. “

Baerbock did not want to give any details from the negotiations. Confidentiality has been agreed. The climate protection task would have to be cross-sectional through a new federal government. “Then not only one party can be responsible for it,” she said, obviously referring to her own. This applies above all to the construction sector and the transport sector, where greenhouse gas emissions have not yet fallen sufficiently. “We are not yet ready to say that we have now set the course for getting on the 1.5-degree path.”

In addition to climate protection, Baerbock also mentioned the modernization of administration and the condition of schools as central tasks. “That is why it is important to us that we say in these coalition talks what are the decisive levers that we will tackle with a new government next year. From our point of view, we are not yet ready to say: We can put a lid on it in a few weeks. ” (dpa)

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