Bodo Ramelow received 1,200 hateful comments after his booster vaccination

According to his own statements, the Thuringian Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow has been covered with hateful comments after his booster vaccination against Corona.

Berlin – He demonstrated his booster vaccination on Twitter to advertise the vaccination, said the left-wing politician in Berlin on Friday. “When I tweeted it, you can check it out on my account: 1200 hateful comments.” He looked at some of these comments. “At some point there comes an inner point where you think that even the threat that comes along with it has now dulled me because I think: Why do you deny your own intelligence,” said Ramelow. Sometimes he lacks the strength to argue against skepticism and belief in conspiracies. There is no button to change opinion against vaccination opponents. “I have the impression that part of the population can no longer be convinced,” said Ramelow.

However, the question arises when the unvaccinated need medical help. In Thuringia, the clinics and intensive care units filled up. “The question is how do we deal with it when we have an overload,” said Ramelow. “I can no longer guarantee patients that they will be cared for in their home state, we cannot guarantee that.” (dpa)

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