Bürgergeld 2022: Zoff about the amount – Greens are now putting pressure

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The Bürgergeld is to replace Hartz IV. But how much does the traffic light pay the unemployed? There is a dispute in the coalition about this. The SPD and the Greens put pressure on.

Berlin – The debate about the abolition of Hartz IV is picking up speed: When determining the amount of the new citizen money* there are signs of sharp discussions in the traffic light negotiations. At the start of the coalition talks with the SPD and FDP, the Greens now called for a significant improvement in unemployment benefits. In view of rising energy and living costs, the alliance must “ensure that people with little income get better over the month, such as poor pensioners or the unemployed,” said the social expert of the eco-party, Sven Lehmann, of the Taz.

Financial aid for the unemployed: t Unemployment benefit II (called Hartz 4)
Introduced: January 1, 2005
Legal basis: Second book of social legislation

Instead of Hartz IV: How much is the new citizens’ money? The traffic light coalition is still arguing about this

On Wednesday, October 27, 2021, the negotiators from the SPD, FDP and Greens wanted to meet again for their coalition negotiations. After the talks were temporarily suspended due to the constituent session of the Bundestag, the 22 working groups now meet again regularly to work out the key points of a possible intergovernmental cooperation in a coalition agreement.

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A central point is also that Abolition of Hartz IV*. The previous system of basic security is to be replaced by a new one Citizens’ money will be replaced, but this has nothing to do with an unconditional basic income. The three parties had already agreed on this principle in the exploratory phase. However, the exact amount is unclear. So far, the negotiators have not given any specific figures.

But Lehmann, who is also negotiating the Hartz IV reform for the Greens in the working group on the welfare state, is now demanding a hefty surcharge compared to the previous standard rates. “We have the situation that inflation is currently high and energy prices are rising,” he said, according to the Taz. That is why the subsistence level would also have to be “increased and adequate,” emphasized the expert.

Bürgergeld: The SPD and the Greens could quickly come to an agreement on the amount

The FDP is silent. But at the SPD, the Green ran open doors. Previously, party leader Saskia Esken had already campaigned for an increase in ALG II benefits. When measuring the amount for the new citizens’ money, one must orient oneself to new realities of life, she also told the Taz. However, the determination is not that easy. How complicated the matter is, shows a detailed citizens’ money report from Kreiszeitung.de*. Accordingly, the negotiators must ensure that the wage gap rule is adhered to.

But the pressure to act is great for the SPD, Greens and FDP. Because actually there is soaring inflation is currently much cause for concern*. In September, for example, the rate of inflation broke the four percent mark for the first time in 28 years. The development is being driven primarily by the price of natural gas, which is currently causing energy costs to explode. But food such as fruit, vegetables and meat are also becoming more expensive, so that Germans feel the increased prices in everyday life not only when refueling, but also at the supermarket checkout.

Hartz IV or Bürgergeld: Associations want a significant increase in basic security – because of energy costs

Against this background unions and social associations have been calling for an increase in basic security for months* from 446 euros to at least 600 euros. An increase of three euros is planned for January 1, 2021. But that was a “joke”, recently railed the President of the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband, Ulrich Schneider. The mini-increase in ALG II rates does not even come close to offsetting inflation.

But there seems to be no immediate help in sight. It will be many weeks before the new federal government is in place. But the unemployed are already facing high prices. Ex-Federal Environment Minister Jürgen Trittin therefore rushed forward with his own demand. Until the exact The state should help the needy with a special payment to clarify the citizens’ allowance* he suggested. The idea was that low-income households could receive a one-time grant of 100 euros for the upcoming winter – but that at Party leader Robert Habeck immediately met with rejection*. * kreiszeitung.de and 24hamburg.de are an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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